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Why Interior Designer Instead of an In-Store Decorator

Why Interior Designer Instead of an In-Store Decorator

Most people do not realize that there is a difference between an interior designer and an in-store decorator. Though the job titles sound pretty similar, the two are not the same. There are differences in their qualification and skill sets and that has an impact on their quality of work.

If you want help in designing your home interior or office interior space then you’d need an interior designer for the job. We at Allegra Designs, one of the best Interior designers in Kochi has a team of great Interior designers. we are professionally qualified, have a formal education in the field, it could be a diploma course or a full-fledged degree program. And also have a basic knowledge of architecture and can read and understand structural plans. This technically implies that an interior designer when working on a project will be in a position to identify whether a wall in a building can be removed, without it damaging the structure.

The Qualifications of an Interior Designer

Interior designers are formally trained and some may also have interned with interior designing and architectural firms during their academic pursuits. This gives them a professional edge over in-store decorators, who might not be as much qualified.

Skill Sets of an Interior Designer

Interior designers create spaces that have an aesthetic appeal. The role of the interior designer is not limited to just working with furniture, furnishings and objet d’arts. They work at enhancing the whole space. As students of interior design, they learn the concept of space planning, so they can convert spaces to become more practical and pleasing to the eye.

Space planning entails a detailed and thorough study of the available space and how it is being utilized and how the same can be enhanced. The planning involves redesigning the space and making structural changes if required, so the functionality is improved. Basically, they work in a given area, but make it more space efficient and practical, while maintaining the aesthetic value. They can change the whole look of a space, making a smaller area look larger, etc. This answers the key question, what does an interior designer do?


Do You Need an Interior designer?

You will definitely need the services of an interior designer when you want to redo your space, not just in terms of furniture, but with major alterations in the area. An interior designer understands the client’s needs and suggests plans keeping all necessary features in mind.

 They will remodel the place or help you with its complete restructuring. They can work out every single detail, right from procuring materials, negotiating with the contractor and handling the labour.

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What is an In-Store Decorator?

In-store decorators are not professionally qualified in the field. They may have an undergrad degree, but they aren’t necessarily formally trained to be in the profession. Most of their knowledge is acquired on the job. They concentrate mostly on ornamental details that embellish the interiors.

 Skill Sets of an In-Store Decorator

In-store decorators market concepts for your space. They offer you aesthetically sound advice and will help you select a color scheme or fittings for your space. They introduce you to the latest trends in interior design and help you in selecting furnishings and furniture and lights and wall art etc.

While they can change the look of your space, they have some limitations. The in-store decorator will market the products that are available in-store. You stand to lose out on better more innovative products available in the market.

Should You Use an In-Store Decorator

In-store decorators usually work with limited products, so the idea that they bring are also limited. You may want to get their help if you wish to give a small space a quick makeover. In-store decorators will do the job promptly.

Interior Designer Vs. In-Store Decorator

Who should you choose between an interior designer and in-store decorator? While it is a personal choice, but a little friendly advice should help you make an informed decision.

Go For an Interior Designer If You Want The Following Done 

  • Need major structural and practical modifications in a space.
  • If you want to remodel a space, say a bathroom or the kitchen, where significant restructuring is required, such as breaking down of walls, sinks and slabs and creating a more functional space with new fittings and gadgets
  • If you want to revamp your bedroom and convert it into a day room or reading room, as well, with a focus on lighting and woodwork etc.
  • Remember, an interior designer is qualified and has relevant knowledge and is skilled and experienced enough to handle small and big projects


The thing for you to remember is that not all interior designers and in-store decorators are the same. Every individual in the field will depict different professional capabilities. So, don’t just choose between an interior designer and in-store decorator, choose one wisely.

Do some research, check portfolio and body of work. Read online reviews and ensure that they understand your requirements. A professional should be willing to adapt to the client’s needs and not force their ideas on them. Discuss your requirements with the interior designer and be satisfied with the options and suggestions they provide, before hiring their service. 


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