20 Nov

10 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Awesome

10 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Awesome

Moving into a new house or wish to change the look of the old one? Well, changing the appearance of the entire house can put a lot of pressure on your pocket. It also may not be a wise idea if you are tight on budget. The idea here is not to discourage you from changing the look of your house but to make you focus your attention on one area at a given time. If you need to start right away, living space will be the best place to begin with.
Why is it so you ask? It’s because your living space is the first thing that your guests will notice. They will judge you based on the cleanliness, appearance and ambiance of your living space. Doesn’t this give you more of a reason to start with it in the first place?

But how do you start with revamping your living space? You will need some interior design tips if you have never done this before. The team of designers at Allegra Designs have come up with certain interior design tips for the living room that you can make use of. The 10 interior design tips to make your living room look awesome are as follows:



  1. Use Mirrors in your Living Room

    Irrespective of the size of your living space, you can make use of mirrors to make space look bigger. You can purchase a rounded frame or oval framed mirrors and hang them in one corner of the room. These mirrors will amplify the living space. It will also give a touch of elegance to your room.


  2. Use Full-Length Curtains

    Drapes are the best piece of articles that you can experiment with. Regardless of the size of the windows in your living room, make sure you purchase full-length curtains. Full-length curtains make your living space appear large and sophisticated. When you go off to purchase the curtains, do not compromise on the quality of the product.

  3. Do not Clutter your Living Room

    In the name of decorating the living room, people at the end up decorating it with all the articles they can manage to get their hands on. The idea here is not to cover up space but to make your living room look awesome. Putting too many showpieces or items can give your living room a shoddy appearance.


  4. Use Different Paints for Covering the Wall

    When you are choosing the colour for the walls, do not stick to a single colour. A single colour can give a dull appearance to your living space and may not appeal to your taste once you are done with painting the walls. You should make your living space appear lively. Go for a mix of dark and light combination that complement the pieces of furniture in the room. Also, you should for different shades. If you are covering a wall with light blue colour, choose a darker shade for the adjacent wall. While choosing a colour for false ceiling, go with off white or simple white colour.

  5. Go for Wallpapers

    These days people prefer investing in wallpapers instead of covering all the four walls with paint. You can browse through different collections of wallpapers in the store and purchase one that gives an exquisite appearance to your living space.


  6. Go for Antique Pieces

    If you wish to cover some floor space of your living room, you can go and purchase an age-old piano or bookshelf. This will give an age-old vibe to your room and imagine what a treat it will be for those people to find a blend of old and new in your living room.

  7. Hang Paintings

    Do you visit galleries or follow modern art? If yes, there’s good news for you. You can put this hobby of yours to good use. You can purchase life-size paintings and hang them on the living room wall. If you are a bachelor living in town, this painting will suit your flat. It may also inspire your guests to follow in your footsteps. As hanging painting is not a common thing, it will set your living space apart from other spaces.

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  8. Make use of a Rug

    There was a time when people were excited about putting rugs in their living rooms, dining rooms etc. Guess what? The trend is back. Nowadays, stores are replenished with different styles of rugs. You can select one from the store and use it to cover the entire floor of your living space. If you do follow this idea, do not allow anyone to step in with their shoes on. You would not want to take extra pain of getting the rugs washed now and then.

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  9. Experiment with Lights

    Living space is the best place if you want to use layers of lightning. You can ask your electrician for both small and medium-sized lights in the room. Do not miss out on the yellow lights. You can switch them on as per the occasion. If you are having over your friends for a party, you can do away with small lights. If you are having a family get together, you can use bright lights for filling up the room.

  10. Dress up your Futons

    If you purchased your futons years ago, it is time to give them a new look. If you are not tight on budget, you can purchase sofas that are in trend. Either way, your motive should be to make it appear new. If you are planning to redo the old futon, visit a fabric store and purchase a cotton fabric that’s available on discount. Take the measurements of your futon and ask your tailor to prepare covers for them. Get your futons washed before dressing them up.

There are no dearth of interior design tips which if followed will make your living space look awesome. You can consult interior designers at Allegra Designs. We are renowned for their world-class services topped with professionalism. Reach out to us via call or a message and you will be good to go.

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