20 Feb

Biggest Design Mistakes People with Small Apartment Make

Living room interior

If you are a designer or a decorator of a house in a Kochi, then you have to take care of a lot of things, for example, the decor of the floor, the paintings or wall-hangings to be put up, the basic ambiance of the room to be maintained and much more. Therefore, it is a heavy duty of the interior designers and decorators to plan and implement proper designing for small and big apartments. If your apartment is big, then designing the interiors, ceilings, is not a big problem. The problem starts cropping for a small apartment. This is because too fewer appliances will not make it look like a family apartment. Too much furniture will make it look messy and will create a negative impression of the homeowners. Therefore, a lot of research needs to be done before designing small apartments by the leading designers of Kochi. Even if you are a homemaker in Kochi, you need to take care of these facts before designing your own house. Here are five facts that you can keep in mind while designing your own house or someone else’s.Read More