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Stylish Interior Design Ideas for a Spacious Apartment in Kochi

Stylish Interior Design Ideas for a Spacious Apartment in Kochi

How often do you think about having a perfect home where the decor is to your accord? Where the bedroom lighting put you in that dim romantic theme; while the dining hall is made for a perfect gathering? Where the children’s room is either as realistic as truly in space or is just too imaginative as if presented in fairyland? If a home is where the heart is, then make it the best place to live in. You can do so with the assistance of interior design ideas for a spacious apartment in Kochi. Read below.

No one wants the clutter of the house to occupy the space in their apartment. Make it as lively as possible with the greens as the parting between the spacious halls. Furnished with wooden flooring to give it a complete aesthetic look. It’s your choice to make your home a comfortable escape or crash in a living hell after a tiring day. If you’re in this conjecture that elegance is only for the rich, then you’re wrong. Select your ideas to optimally utilise the spacious apartment you paid so much for.


You do not have to be a designer to plan a theme for your home. If you have the vision to have your kind of house, then here are the perfect tips for you to take help from:

  • Add some colour— The first noticeable thing for anyone is going to be the colour on the walls. Make sure you don’t choose colours like dark blue or maroon. This will help you to get a light-themed interior. Even if you do want dark colours, then be sure to brighten your home with enough lights. Going for soft colour palettes is the safest choice, as it goes well at all times. Certain evergreen colour choices are like off-whites, lavender, baby-pink, sky-blue, etcetera. These colours always give a spacious look to your interior. It gives a simplistic and soothing touch. And instead of plain colours you can also go for texture painting. Pick your favourite texture or pattern and contact the interior designer. They will help you to put your dream into reality.
  • Lighting for the night— Lights are for the days when the sun isn’t bright enough and mostly for the nights. How soothing it feels when you can just grab a book and sit beside the window watching the rain. The feeling is perfect while sitting under dim yellow lamplight. Even hanging lights can be used for decorating the room ceilings. Tube light these days have gone out of fashion. LED lighting and fairy lights could also be utilised for better décor.
  • Carpets to walk on— By adding different rugs in the house, it gives a unique texture to the overall look of the house. It intensifies that elegant look of the interior of the house. Yoga mattresses can be used for children’s playroom. A small carpet with frills can be used for the prayer room. For the hall, you can pick up a centre carpet. It should not be too thick, but just matching with the theme you’ve chosen for your home sweet home.
  • Curtains not to cover— If the main purpose is to keep the spacious look on, then it’s preferable to get long curtains. You can get the ones with cosy designs of leaf or flowers. Or if a technical look has aspired, then the symmetrically designed curtains would go well. Match with the wall colour you’ve opted for. It is advisable to not go with too heavy or too light fabric curtains. Silk, velvet or linen curtains are considered the best so far. Even dream-catchers can be put on hanging over one of the curtain edges, just to add a homely touch to it. Let the folds fall the way you wish them to!
  • No extravagant furniture— Costly furniture doesn’t qualify to make your house beautiful. All that matters is what fits in the best. Thus, the cost is no criteria for selecting the furniture you need. Go for small-scale furniture to not give an impression of too many articles in the house. The lesser the mess, the more there is space. Try matching covers for sofa and tables with the kind of theme you wish to keep. Bed and pillow covers shall meld better if matched.
  • A touch of green— Plants inside the house give an elegant appearance. They also add to the invigorating style of the interior of your house. Leafy plants give a restful and relaxing sensitivity. It makes your house itself so scenic that, you would not require a picturesque view outside.
  • Mirrors and other accessories— Circular mirrors and differently shaped mirrors can be put to make an asymmetrical design on an empty wall. Other artefacts, such as wall painting, portraits, quote frames could be used to not keep the wall bare. Motivational thoughts can be put in the study room. Or a family picture could also be framed and hung on the empty bedroom wall. One could also opt for stand-up lamps, which would highlight the size of the room. Using diverse kinds of candles as decorative articles would ensure brilliant homely comfort. 
  • Decorative ceilings— Do not leave your ceiling empty. It would give a lonely and incomplete look to it. Get a gypsum false ceiling, which shall last for long and also maintain that aesthetic guise. You can make your choice on which type of design you wish to have. But having too many layers of such ceiling would make the height of the room appear small and congested. 


Of all the places on the earth, the only paradise you’ll ever live in for most of your life is your home. With no worries attached, you’ll have your liberty in there. You are the king or queen of your castle known as home. The above interior design ideas for a spacious apartment in Kochi shall prove of great use to you in the making of your dream castle. Make it such that you love every bit of your sweet wonderland. For making the best decisions for the most vital investment of your lifetime, better make it worth it!

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