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Kerala Style Bedroom Interior Design Ideas in 2020

Kerala Style Bedroom Interior Design Ideas in 2020

Your home should reflect your personality, exuding a distinct character, and a unique, appealing charm. Each one of us strives to create a home that is chic and fabulous and at the same time functional, welcoming and comfortable – a space to call our own and be proud of. It would help to create a living space that stands out, instead of being an imitation of every other home.

In recent times, homeowners have become increasingly passionate about their dwellings. They transform their homes into objet d’art, that reflect both social status and personality. While that may seem fine, the real problem lies in that most homeowners are guilty of living in prefabricated boxes, with almost identical décor. Individuality is a missing factor, and that acts as a damper of sorts.

Interior designing has come to a long way and designers are willing to work with clients to help create homes of their dreams. Interior designers, such as the famed Allegra Designs understand their clients need for exclusivity and design homes keeping in mind their personality and taste, while balancing the aesthetics, perfectly.

Luxurious homes, with a cosmopolitan touch, is in trend these days. But, what if your view, of a home, is in stark contrast? What if you visualise your home to be modern and yet wear a vintage look? Houses designed in an old-style have a certain aura about them; they can be posh and speak volumes of your taste and penchant for old Kerala styled homes that bear a heritage appeal.



Stylish bedroom designs

It is easy to create a home with a vintage ambience. For instance, begin by incorporating old-style décor concepts in the bedroom. Kerala style bedroom interior design is a rather exciting concept if you choose to adopt it, in your home. It will transform your bedroom into a beautiful space, one you will love spending time in.

The key features of Kerala style bedroom interior design ideas in 2020 that are making waves are ventilation, windows, wall paintings and of course furniture. However, a Kerala style home would be incomplete without the nadumuttam or indoor courtyard and stairs. We will walk you through each feature and illustrate how they can be added for that extra panache.


Ventilation – a whiff of freshness

Well-ventilated homes bring an abundance of fresh air, and natural light, into the interiors. Both are important as they inhibit the growth of fungi and mildew, and remove the stale, smelly air. Let’s keep in mind that humidity levels in Kerala are high, and with incessant rains, homes tend to become damp and dreary and carry musty odours. A bedroom with suitable ventilation remains fresh and odourless. Think French windows or bay windows, the latter with a cosy seating place, where you can have your morning coffee.


Nadumuttam – the quintessential central courtyard

Central courtyards or Nadumuttam, as they are traditionally called, add to a home’s allure. A house with a central courtyard gives it a regal appearance. However, incorporating a few distinct elements can transform the area into a place to entertain. Bring in a lot of plants into the space to add life to it. Flowering shrubs, creepers and foliage plants will make butterflies, birds and bees feel welcome. Integrate a water body, a small pond, with fish perhaps, or a fountain, against a wall or in the centre. A gazebo style sitting area or maybe a dedicated place for a barbecue or a bar.

Choose attractive furniture suitable for the outdoors. Wrought iron furniture is sturdy, withstands the elements and looks stylish. Fix lights around the courtyard to create a place that looks warm and inviting.

interiors home- allegra design

Windows – for a peep outside

Windows are more than an opening to the outside world. They have a significant role to play in a home. Windows can bring in character, add a lot of drama and perk up the interiors of a dwelling while filtering the heat and glow of the sun. Solid wooden window frames transform the look and add a rich elegance to the house. They look equally attractive from inside as well as on the outside. Paint them white for a classy look, or display the grain and texture of the wood for a warm, magical effect.

Play around with windows; make them the focal point. Dress them up with a combination of sheer curtains and heavy drapes, place statement curio pieces and plants close by, such that all things blend into each seamlessly.


Magestic Stairs

Stairs are an essential part of Kerala homes, but they are more than just a utility item. Learn to use them well – staircases can be beautified with ornate bannisters, ornate light fixtures, a chandelier, maybe, and a huge window on the landing wall and much more. Make maximum use of the wall space. Place family photographs, paintings or ornamental wall plates or soveneirs from your travels. Make the wall a walking, ah, a climbing gallery. Alternatively, a customised wall, with nitches works well, for exhibiting curios.

Kerala style home interior designs in Kochi

Furniture – more than functional pieces

Furniture gives the final touches to a home. Furniture pieces should flatter the scheme of the house. Large faux leather sofas would be a misfit in a residence with an ethnic setting. So, choose your pieces wisely. Wooden furniture is always a good choice, for its versatility; it can be of contemporary design or carved traditional pieces. Wooden furniture fits into all styles of décor. What is good about it is that it is durable and looks elegant and is timeless. Wood combines well with fabric, stone, glass and metal embellishments, and looks beautiful by itself as well.

Sofas, coffee tables, consoles, book cabinets, crockery cupboards, wine glasses cupboards, centre tables, side tables and shoe racks, beds, dining table and chairs, wardrobes etc., in wood look good.


Wall paintings – a much needed spectacle

While stark walls give a house an open feel, but at the same, they do have a bare and unadorned feel about them. Keeping walls empty is tricky; there needs to be a lot of other things happening around, to distract from their emptiness, and make the look work. Perhaps some huge, attractive, appealing, eye-catching pieces can do the job or else, using colours and textures as an accent or feature wall.

However, the best bet is to invest in some artwork. Originals are the best, but imitations and even printed copies can work. Choose pieces that are bold and unique, and not necessarily oversized, bright and colourful. The paintings must enhance the Kerala style bedroom interiors. There are two ways to make paintings work – one is to use a colour scheme that runs through the house. The other is to use something in contrasting colours and make it ‘pop’. A predominantly white drawing room can have a vibrant painting on the wall, that stands out and breaks the monotony. Imagine ivory furnishings and a splash of yellow or blue on the walls.

Decorating a home is an art. Some people are gifted and know how to create impressive interiors; some others place mismatched items around their house and make a hotchpotch of it, while the smart ones get in touch with renowned interior designers to help conceptualise and customise their homes. Which category do you fall in?

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