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Is Vastu Shastra really important while designing a house?

Is Vastu Shastra really important while designing a house?

Vastu Shastra or the ancient Indian methodology adopted while designing one’s house is still taking into consideration while moving into a new house or building a new one. So what exactly is Vastu Shastra? Vastu Shastra is the channel between man and nature combining the powers of the five basic elements essential for human survival namely, fire, earth, water, air, and space. The primary objective of Vastu Shastra is the restoration of balance between households and nature (or say the universe) to make lives of the people residing in the houses better.
Most of the people believe that house design according to Vastu Shastra is related only with the construction or overall design of a house. However, in reality, it is also applicable to interior arrangements. Based on the interior designing of a house, energies (both positive and negative) are created, affecting the existence of the individuals residing therein. However, it is not possible to make everything Vastu compliant in today’s era where people live in confined places. But it is possible to accommodate some requirements of Vastu Shastra by making changes in the accessories, paints or furniture of the house.

Vastu Shastra benefits are many. It is really important to consider some Vastu Shastra tips while designing a house. Some of the advantages are:

  • Harmonizing nature’s energy Haven’t you heard your grandmother instructing you to design the apartment in such a way to place kitchen and worship room far from one another or things similar to that? This is because she is well aware of the fact that Vastu Shastra harmonizes nature’s sources of power such as that of sun, moon, wind, earth, light and so on to bring peace and perpetual prosperity in the lives of people living there.
  • Creates financial security: It is a fact well-known and acknowledged that application of Vastu in the correct manner brings an ample supply of wealth by removing all negative energies from the lives of the inhabitants and leading towards golden prospects.
  • Generates new opportunities for you: As already mentioned, correct Vastu helps in the removal of all negative energies from your life which acts as a remedy for anything that was previously stumbling upon your growth. Vastu Shastra will enable you to achieve success whether it be in academics or job and provide you with the best opportunities available.
  • Keeps your relationships strong: One major problem that people in this era faces is complications in (any kind of) relationships. Vastu Shastra makes sure to act a neutralizing agent to remove all sorts of misunderstandings and bitterness from your relationships so as to make bones strong and healthy throughout your life.
  • Brings happiness and joy to your life: Are you facing misery and fights in your home? Flaws in Vastu Shastra might be the answer. To ensure your family’s happiness for long-term, make sure to correct the defects in Vastu. It will provide you with the joy you have been missing in your house.

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You might have been planning to build (or re-build) your house according to Vastu after reading the above-mentioned points. You can do so by following some of the Vastu Shastra tips mentioned below:

  • Door:
    Your bedroom door should be designed to open up to ninety degrees to invite prospects. While doors of the kitchen are supposed to face the north-eastern direction. You will find Kerala home interiors well decorated because of various home designers such as Allegra Designs who know the importance of bedroom and kitchen area in your lives.
  • Sleep pointing to the south:
    Make sure that your head is tilted towards the south while you are sleeping to remain free of magnetic energy provided by the north. Have a great sleep.
  • Water:
    One of the many Vastu Shastra tips includes placing the source of water in the north-east part of the kitchen as it is the safest location for drinking water.
  • Floorings:
    Vastu Shastra recommends the floor of the living room to be at a level lower than the rest of the house to keep the house at peace.
  • Electric gadgets:
    The electric gadgets used in the kitchen are to be connected with the southern wall as Vastu believes that it is the best location for using fire.
  • Colors:
    Use colors that make you happy. A fact believed even by the experts at Allegra Designs who try to incorporate the color of your choice in whichever manner they can. Normally, four colors are believed to improve people’s health and eating habits, blue, green, yellow and red. So, use them if you are fine with their shades.
  • Gas:
    Using gas is itself a risky business hence, be sure of placing it in the south-eastern portion of the kitchen or wherever you cook. Vastu suggests locating even the exhaust fans here itself.
  • Sharp corners:
    Place your bed in a manner that you don’t have to be in line with any sharp corners while sleeping. That will make your life easy, calm and free from unwanted strains.
  • Mirrors:

interior design-Allegra designs

Avoid placing mirrors on the north side of your room. To remain free of troubles being projected at you, try covering mirrors in your bedroom before sleeping.

  • Making decisions here:
    Whenever you are making decisions or personal or business life, sit in the living room facing either the north or the east. This is the seating arrangement of success.

In a nutshell, it can be said that not only interior designing but also designing keeping in mind the Vastu Shastra has become important in a generation wherein pressure, trauma, restlessness, diseases are on a rise. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the people taking care of your house’s planning and designing to make it Vastu compliant as soon as possible.

People in Kerala have long before understood such facts. Kerala home interiors are winning hearts nowadays. It is because Kerala home interior designs are planned with the help of well-trained experts such as people at Allegra Designs. Allegra Designs is famous for Kerala home interior design as per the choices and demands of its customers incorporating even the Vastu Shastra tips in its execution. People at Allegra Designs understand that how important a living room or an office is for the person requesting its construction and hence, it makes sure to deliver tastefully designed spaces to all of its clients.

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