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Interior Design Ideas for Middle class homes in Kerala

Interior Design Ideas for Middle class homes in Kerala

Kerala is known for its architectural beauty and elegance. The trend of renovation and revamping is back in Kerala. People of Kerala are more inclined to adaptation and acceptance. Trying new things have always entertained them. This could be seen by looking at the architecture trend in Kerala. A home reflects your personality and way of living. So proper order and interiors are very important while considering a plan. The trend of interior designs started when people began to think of home as an investment. Today, a permanent residence is a far dream for many.

According to the state of one’s job, places change and the homes too. So, before, people use to think that doing interior work will be an extra burden and a waste of money if they happen to change the job and place. But now the situation has changed. The houses which have aesthetic interior designs have high value in the market which will benefit you though you change the place of living. This scope or possibility have encouraged even middle-class families to try the aesthetics of interior designing. A plethora of trends in the real estate market may be confusing the buyer to select what. As said before, a home should reflect your personality. Let’s see some of the interior design ideas for middle class homes in Kerala.

  • Homes with Beauty of Courtyard 


The old odour of tradition can be revamped by setting up a house with a simple courtyard. Among millennials also tradition is now a part of aesthetics. If you love to give a traditional touch to your home, then home with a simple courtyard will be apt for you. A peek into the past will help you to revive so many things. The old ancestral house is not just known for its architectural beauty, but it is also known for its blend with nature. The courtyards are ancestral houses that evolved in sync with the local weather and topography. The sepia-toned memories and nostalgia are being revoked by constructing these types of homes. Slopping roof and tall pillars will definitely give you an aura of mightiness that will hold you back to the roots.

  • Bricks for classy looks

Show walls with brick stone claddings have always stayed in Kerala’s architectural scenario. It will give a classy and elegant look. The highlight is that it gives a pleasant elegance and at the same time, it is affordable for a middle-class family. Brick houses are also easy to maintain without concerns of peeling, warping, rotting and fading. Brick is one of the material that could look better with time.

  • Flooring ideas 


Vinyl flooring, Linoleum, Ceramic tiles, Concrete Flooring, Laminate, Mosaic and Cork are some of the cheapest flooring trends available in the market for middle class home interior design. They are the cheapest and at the same time, they are stylish and also durable. Using colour oxide flooring helps to revamp the old nostalgic Kerala homes. The biggest attraction of oxide flooring is its economic flexibility.

  • Style your doors and windows

Window and Door designs are elements that could transform the outlook of a home. One of the important things that should be taken into account while designing your windows is, blend the room with the same element on each door and window unit. Bare windows are the best choice when decorating a room. Some of the trends that still run in the market are French doors/ windows, folding doors/windows, fibreglass windows/door, arch doors/windows. There are plenty of other designer choices in case of doors and window category. Always keep in mind that less ornamentation is the beauty of doors and windows.

  • Wardrobe designs for your dream home 



With the changes in the bedroom designs, various wardrobes are trending in the market. Don’t go for gaudy things. Understand the personality of your room before you rush for something that grabbed your eyes. Look for the right bedroom that doesn’t take the space of your room. Give due importance to the material and colour for a complete look. There is a portable bedroom closet available in the market. It will not take much of your space. Single door bedroom wardrobe will give you a classy look and it is affordable. Then there are other designs like sliding wardrobes, Hinge door wardrobes, classic mirror wardrobes and designer wardrobes that could go in hand with your expected budgets.

  • Staircase designs 


Short of money but can’t compromise with elegance. A staircase can do a great wonder if you are looking for a beautiful home that fit your budget. There are white and cornered, hovering wooden pedals and Narrow small and high staircase can add elegance to your beautiful middle class home

  • Plan your Kitchen 


A low-cost kitchen can be made if proper traditional cookwares are used. Separate racks to arrange the cookware is an added advantage of the kitchen. Don’t overload your kitchen with pots and utensils. Buy necessary items that are classy. Also, it will be an added beauty if you can make a small dining space inside the kitchen.

A plethora of interior design ideas for middle class homes in Kerala is making a major come back. The simple mantra of aesthetics brings pure air in new homes. There is much space for design and architecture in Indian society. A dream home is never a luxury, but it is always a necessity.

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