30 May

The Interior Design Colour Trends for 2018

The Interior Design Colour Trends for 2018

Interior is something that breathes life into space; making it something that speaks about the people living there. There is a popular myth that interior is a tasteful arrangement of the antiques, costly embellishments in the form of curtains, cushions, art pieces, wall art, timepieces, etc which consumes a lot of money in order to get done. Though one can just not deny that the above-mentioned things are not a subset of the interior designs, there is much more to the whole procedure and it can fit into your budget. One such subset of the interior design color trends that are generally overlooked while designing a space is the color. Colour of the walls, the furnishings and the other things in the complete set-up play a highly important role during the complete interior designing process.

Let us find out the Interior Design Colour Trends for 2018. Hope you find your favorite one on the list that keeps your place up-to-date and completely conforming to the latest trending interior paint colors.

1 – Ombre Colours:

Well, well, well..!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ombre colors are one most popular interior paint colors that have found their way into everything and everywhere. Be it hair color, lip colors, nail paints, and yes, the home interior designs as well. The neutral shades and dull shades can be used in ombre arrangement for Bedroom Interior Designs as well as the Living Area Interior Designs especially living room wall colors.

With the walls done in ombre colors, the furnishings, and other items can be chosen in the colors that are used on the walls. This will create an overall symmetry in the whole space and you can choose different color palettes for different areas as well.

2 – Ice Cream Colours:

Kids Room Interior Designs have become more playful and attractive as the ice-cream colors have become the latest craze. The kids can get their rooms done in strawberry pinks, vanilla whites, bright oranges did in gradient, black-currant and of course the lovely yellows and peaches.

The furniture and beddings can be chosen in contrast as well as matching with the colors done on the walls of the room. The ice-cream colors will not only keep your kids room as per the latest interior design color trends; but also allow the kids to get the walls done in a theme of their favorite cartoon character or superhero.

3 – Geometric Patterns of Dark Colours:

The Dark colors are still dominating the world of interior designs and yes, they are being used in combination as well. For example, the dark mustard with blue in geometric patterns is one of the best interior design color trends. The combinations are done using the colors that are located on the extremes of the color palette such as dark yellows and dark reds etc. and are done in the geometric patterns to ensure the overall look of the room is not gloomy but quirky.

The furnishings and other items can be chosen in conformation with the colors done on the walls. Or they can be chosen as a carefully chosen contrast to the wall colors, especially for living room wall colors.

4 – Sage:

For the ones that love muted tones of everything around them and still want to conform to the latest interior design color trends for 2018, they can go with the lovely greyish-green color. The main advantage of having this color done is that you can easily find things that conform to the color. The color can easily be found in furniture, clothes, lights, towels, and every other thing you wish to keep in the space being designed.

Sage color will be a good option for the living room interior designs means it is the most popular paint color for living room and modular kitchen designs.

5 – Marigold Colour:

Yes, you read it right. Use it with a carefully chosen color and the combination will be completely wonderful. The color goes well for all settings, Modular Kitchen Designs, Bedroom Interior Designs, and the hallways as well. This is one of the most popular living room colors. In fact, the small seating can also be done in the same color and has become the latest interior design color trends for 2018.

You can move one step ahead and install the furniture such as cabinets, vases, big bottles for decorative purposes, rugs and beddings, etc in Marigold Colour and give a completely lovely makeover to your space.

6 – Foliage Green:

Another trending interior design color that is being used fervently in the modern day is the foliage green. The color gives the whole space an eco-friendly look and when combined with the rustic furniture and décor it lends a unique earthy impression to the space being designed.

Get it done in the Living Area and incorporate some indoor plants in the complete set to take the look to the completion. Always consider the atmospheric conditions of the place before choosing the plants for the home interior designs. The micro-cactus trend is something that can be done at any place without the weather concern.

7 – Indigo Blues:

Yes, the color has found its way to the homes, offices and the commercial spaces. Coloring the walls in a gradient of Indigo, placing the furniture of the same hues, wall art in dark blues and some quirky elements such as oblong vases, lights, blue flowers cabinets and other articles in the similar color will make the whole setting a fantastic one. Doing living area interior designs and bedroom interior designs in Indigo Blues is one of the latest trends in home interior designs in Kerala.

8 – Ultra Violet:

This is one of those dark colors that can be found in everything which makes interior design and décor easy. You can always find décor items, fabrics, leather, paints and other things in the UltraViolet color and impart your space a modern-day makeover.

9 – Millennial Pink or the Blush Colour:

The color that earlier used to dominate the ‘girly’ spaces, is being used almost everywhere. This unique member of the ‘pink’ family is bright, perky and gives every place a new life. You can go for a combination of colors or a single color while doing home interior designing with this color because this is one of the trending paint colors. Walls, rugs, carpets, beddings, décor, and flowers – all can be done in blush color for your kid’s Room interior design as well as the bedroom interior design.

10 – Black Chiffon:

The last but not in any sense the least, the Black Chiffon is that one color which can be found in residential establishments of all scales all around the globe. The color has a lovely polished finish that is being loved by the people having a corner for shadows and subtle impressions in their hearts.

Well, this completes the list of the interior design color Trends for 2018. Hope you find the one that suits your tastes..!!!

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