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How to Incorporate Your Old Furniture into New Living Space

How to Incorporate Your Old Furniture into New Living Space

When you are moving into new accommodation or you are renovating the rooms of your old house, one of the biggest challenges is to accommodate the old furniture in the new space. Sometimes the renovations are done in such a way, that at some point one realizes maybe he or she has to throw away all the old furniture. However, this is not a wise solution. Rather there should be some way out so that you can incorporate the old furniture into your accommodation or your renovated living space. The following are the ways of doing this:

Coloring Methods

  • You can try textures on the walls of the living space if you want to keep your old furniture there. It has been seen that textures go really well with old furniture. One can apply rusty or green leafy texture in the background and keep a sofa in front of the wall. You can also think of keeping old easy chairs in front of a complementary texture. The texture in the background along with the old furniture will give a modern classy look.
  • If you have a vintage sofa or a coffee table, then you can also try keeping vintage characters painted on the wall behind. The look of the room should be as if the vintage characters are about to come out live off the walls and take a seat near the coffee table.

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Keeping Antiques

  • You can keep a lot of antique showpieces in the living room. The number of antique pieces should be according to the size of the room. If the room is small, then one or two big antique showpieces should be on the side table of the old furniture. If the room is big, then you can keep at least 10 antique showpieces on a bookcase or a showcase.
  • Say, the vintage furniture is itself an old bookcase, then you can keep a few classic books in the bookcase. Along with them, you should keep modern books, some related to academics, one or two may be related to social studies and few written by world-famous politicians. This way, your guests will be impressed by your collection and will know that you are a person of good taste. If your furniture is a vintage showcase, then you have more options. You can use one shelf to keep books, one for antique showpieces, one for keeping your mobiles, and other electronic gadgets.

Remodel the furniture

  • I am sure many of us are having furniture that has been gifted to us by our great grandmothers and we are keeping those types of furniture as a part of our legacy. However, there are very little uses of those furniture in today’s world. For an example, I was gifted a TV rack cum showcase by my elders. The look of the furniture didn’t go with my living space. Therefore, I had to alter the look of the furniture. I took the help of professional carpenters and changed it to a modern-day wardrobe. Now, this wardrobe has a modern use, yet a
    traditional outlook.
  • Another way is to change the purpose of the furniture. This can be also be done without remodeling the furniture. For example, a traditional side table can be used as a shoe rack, by just placing a wooden plank or anything similar underneath the table. The living spaces should definitely contain a shoe rack that is good looking and also takes less space.
  • You can also club two or more compatible furniture to make useful furniture. This cannot be done without the help of professional carpenters. They will take off those parts of both furniture which will not be required any further, or those parts that have decayed over time. Then they can join the remaining portions to make them look like an extended cupboard or bed, etc.

Therefore, one can change the old furniture and incorporate them into their modern living space by applying the aforementioned tips and tricks. It will also require some professional help. In order to get that, you must hire a professional carpenter. You can also hire a professional interior designer to do that. The interior designers of Kochi are highly trained in changing the outlook of modern day living spaces or bedrooms using old and vintage furniture. So, if you have vintage furniture and you are renovating your house, don’t think of throwing your furniture as they have lots of good memories associated with them and instead try the above.

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