20 Feb

Biggest Design Mistakes People with Small Apartment Make

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If you are a designer or a decorator of a house in a Kochi, then you have to take care of a lot of things, for example, the decor of the floor, the paintings or wall-hangings to be put up, the basic ambiance of the room to be maintained and much more. Therefore, it is a heavy duty of the interior designers and decorators to plan and implement proper designing for small and big apartments. If your apartment is big, then designing the interiors, ceilings, is not a big problem. The problem starts cropping for a small apartment. This is because too fewer appliances will not make it look like a family apartment. Too much furniture will make it look messy and will create a negative impression of the homeowners. Therefore, a lot of research needs to be done before designing small apartments by the leading designers of Kochi. Even if you are a homemaker in Kochi, you need to take care of these facts before designing your own house. Here are five facts that you can keep in mind while designing your own house or someone else’s.


Before starting the actual work, you should plan the design carefully. You should make a rough draft of how the ceiling will look like, how will be the floor plans of each room, what will be the colors or wallpapers of each of the walls. It is not that the professional designers don’t plan, but sometimes the first layout isn’t enough. There should be rigorous planning before actually doing the work. Sometimes, people don’t plan enough about the designing of their own house. They only think of how much money they can spend maximum after designing. But the truth is, once you spend at least a week on planning and research with the help of the internet, the next steps will become more lucid and easier to handle. The initial rough drafts need to be revisited more and more so that it can be a perfect layout.


After the planning portion ends, the execution part starts. Generally, designing a room first starts from the coloring of the walls or sticking wallpapers. Since the apartments are small, coloring properly is essential. The apartment is small, too loud colors or too many textures may make the rooms look dark, gloomy or messy. Therefore, it is essential to hire professional wall painters who can help you plan the textures and colors. The designer should finalize the colors and textures after taking all the inputs from those professional painters.

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After coloring the walls, next comes the floor plans. This is trickier than coloring. The reason, the coloring needs to be done before doing the floor plans is that the flooring should complement the colors of the walls and ceilings. The floor tiles should be chosen in such a way that they not only match the mood of the room, but also the texture of the walls. The biggest mistake by the designers who are either just starting their career as a designer is that they do all the planning for the flooring before starting the coloring. Ultimately, this kind of execution leads to a mismatched room and messy design. So keep the floor work only after the coloring finishes.


There are two things that can go wrong for the furniture and those are the shape and number. The furniture should be put in such a way that the rooms doesn’t look messy or empty either. The rooms of a small apartment will be small. Along with that, some places like the bathrooms will not contain very extensive furniture. People generally buy too much furniture when they move into new accommodation. This thing should be avoided. One should buy only those furniture that are the needs of the denizens of the house. The shapes of those furnitures should match the borders of the floors. Too many small furniture makes the room look messy. Too many large furnitures deter free movement of the denizens. Too less furniture and that too off odd shapes make the room look dull. So plan and keep furniture that you definitely need and whose borderlines go positively with the room.

Modern vs Traditional 

The designers generally try to incorporate more modern furniture in a small apartment and leave out traditional ones. Whereas, the treatment should be keeping a 60:40 ratio of modern and traditional furniture respectively.

To conclude, if you need to design a small apartment avoid the mistakes mentioned above, and try the solutions stated here.

You will definitely design a wonderfully modern house with a traditional feel.

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