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6 Tips to Design and maintain easy-to-clean bathroom

6 Tips to Design and maintain easy-to-clean bathroom

Bathrooms are a very important aspect of home design. But if not maintained properly, the bathroom experience can become really horrible for yourself and your guests. Hence keeping your bathrooms clean is inevitable. But in order to do that, while designing your house itself you need to make sure that the bathroom is built in an ‘’easy to clean’’ way.

To handle the cleanliness aspect of your bathroom and home interiors you should not have to spend a lot of time and it completely depends on the design aspect. Now there are bathroom designs available which are modern, easy to clean and which require comparatively low maintenance as interior design elements can be simple. These interior designs can be used for both renovations and new homes. Using such designs, interiors and bathroom elements can enable you to have a clean and fresh bathroom always. There are lots of tips and ideas out there, so, Let’s look at the 6 tips to keep in mind while designing and cleaning your bathroom.

Planning a Low Maintenance Easy To Clean Bathroom Design?

Use larger tiles to reduce grout used

Grout is a very hard part to clean in the interior of the house. And when it comes to bathrooms, it gets even harder. Even after using the strongest bathroom cleaners available in the market including acids and bleaches, the grout can remain dirty. And the longer it stays, the stickier it gets and it can even leave permanent stains in your bathroom. So instead of having to clean every now and then battling against grout, you can altogether avoid having them by using large tiles on the bathroom floor and in the shower.

When it comes to the cleaning aspect as well as the beauty of the bathroom, larger tiles have more benefits. Larger tiles will have less grout and will remain clean for longer. There will be lesser chances for stains or any such permanent damages. When you say larger tiles, the tiles with 300x600mm sizes can be used as wall tiles while the tiles with 300 x 300mm size can be regarded as large floor tiles. Tiles with a rectified edge, also known as a straight edge, can be installed much closer together than the traditional curved edge or cushion edge tiles. Rectified edge tiles present a major advantage over cushion edge tiles for long term cleaning.  

You will find Kerala home interiors well designed because of various home designers such as Allegra Designs who know the importance of bathroom and bedroom area in your lives.

Use Wall Mounted Appliances

Wall mounted appliances can help your bathroom design in several ways. It makes your bathroom easier to clean. It also provides more space in your bathroom for other requirements. It prevents accumulation of dirt and dust around the floor fittings. Also, wall mounted appliances help the bathroom to have a more open area which in turn can make your bathroom look spacious. In order to do the same, you can use floating cabinets and vanities inside the washroom. They can also be used to avoid the visibility of other less beautiful objects in the bathroom.

In case of new designs, toilet pans may also be wall hung but it might not be possible for the old designs unless you completely renovate. A mirror cabinet, also known as a shaving cabinet that goes above the vanity can be partially recessed into the wall, ensuring there is less to clean and the bathroom feels larger. Hanging shaving cabinets can also be used to store things. But make sure that your hangings do not block the air circulations designed for the bathrooms.


Invest Proper Ventilation

Just like in every other room ventilation is an important aspect of the design, it is inevitable for bathrooms as well. It sounds simple but it is the most completely significant. Your ventilation needs to provide air circulation and lighting, but at the same time, it should also help to extract the additional moisture present in the washrooms. Your ventilation could be a combination of exhaust and a window in order to satisfy the air needs.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a little exhaust for a large bathroom, not a very good idea if you want to prevent moisture sitting on everything.

Select a linear drain

Choosing a linear drain can help your bathroom design in several ways. It allows the easy flow of water and other dirt or dust particles straight through the drainage without staying between bathroom functionalities or utilities. It prevents clogging and the formation of molds in the washroom.

Get everything off the floor and Have a place for everything


Haven’t you see this? especially in the western bathrooms, it can be seen that the floor space accommodates multiple utility objects such as cabinets, beauty stands, and other similar things. If you would like a pleasant washroom experience, it is just to keep everything off the floor and to assign spaces to keep all your things in order.

Consider Back-Painted Glass

You can also coat glass with nano-technology coatings to reduce grime, dirt and gunk build up dramatically. these products reduce dirt build-up, making cleaning easier, and will preserve the new look of your shower screen, the screen will even resist fogging. Some glass screens may be purchased pre-coated, or you can get a cheap DIY set pretty easily from your local bathroom store.

When it comes to keeping it easy clean, frameless shower screens, walk-in shower panels, and semi-frameless shower screens have less soap scum, grime, and gunk collecting bits to worry about.

The glass itself is much easier to clean with fewer chrome frames or brackets. The more glass you have, and the fewer chrome touchpoints, the easier it is going to be to wash down the shower screen. Avoid heavily framed screens, and run an exhaust that is capable of reducing moisture build up, this will reduce cleaning demands significantly.


Besides the above-mentioned tips, avoid the chances to have floor standing vanities with stained, water damaged edges where the cabinet meets the floor. Try also to prevent Toilets with plastic cisterns that discolor in a matter of days, becoming an unpleasant shade of yellow after so many years. Remember, It’s not fun spending time cleaning your bathroom, grout can get really moldy in the shower, the shower screen keeps collecting grime, and getting in behind the toilet to scrub is certainly not something we aspire to do. Whenever considering the look of your new bathroom, just remember that simplicity will both make choosing things easier as well as your cleaning easier!

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