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6 Important Interior Designing Principles You Need to Remember

6 Important Interior Designing Principles You Need to Remember

Interior designing has gained increased importance in recent times. People have realized that it is not only about the aesthetic value or ornamentation of the space but it also helps utilize the space well and affects its mood, vibe, presentability, and aura. The impact of this realization is profound in Home interior designing, especially in Kerala.
But interior designing is not as simple as it sounds. It is more than a simple pick and chooses between what looks good and what doesn’t. It is about coherent efforts as per a scheme to reach Unity and Harmony. While professional and seasoned Interior designers make it seem simple, it is necessary to accommodate designing rules to have the desired result. Some important principles are listed below:

  • Symmetrical & Asymmetrical balance:

Balance, literally, means evenly distributing things to enable them to be in harmony. As a designing rule, balance means “distributing the elements evenly throughout the space to create a visual balance”. It makes sure that each element stands out. It is the cardinal rule for an effective presentation and proper use of space.
Symmetrical balance presupposes even distribution so as to create a mirror effect in the space. Asymmetrical balance, on the contrary, includes placing dominating elements (like designs, brighter colors or larger objects) at the center of the room and complementary subtler elements at each side. This helps to create a balance of visual weight.

  • Emphasis & Focus

The principle of emphasis necessarily implies giving value, prominence or importance to a particular area or object. This creates a focal point, which attracts the eyes at first glance and all things in the room, flow from that point of focus.
To make something stand out, color can be used to give importance to a particular thing through contrast. Leaving Negative space can also be a good idea. Furthermore, using lines and light such as accent lighting can help direct the eyes towards the focal points.

  • Color and contrast

Home interiors- Allegra Designs

Color is an important element of Interior design. It is a very powerful tool to give the desired mood to space and establish an aesthetic symmetry between the objects. Colors affect the psychology of the people by what they particularly signify and hence, it is very important to choose the color wisely. It is also important to decide whether tertiary, analogous, complementary or monochromatic colors should be used.

Colors have three characteristics which are Value, Hue and Intensity. This gives a variety of options to play with and while there are many things to consider, for the final decision, it is best to trust your gut and see which option seems to click with you.

Contrast is a very important visual tool that can be used to make anything stand out. Placing strikingly different elements next to each other creates emphasis on both. If used in moderation, contrast can add a lot of drama to space. Contrast can be achieved by using various elements like color, lines, designs, and textures.

  • Harmony and Unity:

All the interior rules are guided to achieve this Goal. To achieve “Harmony and Unity”. Harmony is congruity, a consistent and orderly arrangement of parts to make it pleasing and Unity is the oneness of Harmony. They are achieved when all the elements in the space are complementary and work together to meet the function of the space. This presupposes a guided approach to achieve one goal.

  • Be authentic

This is perhaps the most important designing rule. It is important to understand that while space may be aesthetic and visually pleasing, it is important for it to be personalized for the user. This makes the space unique, adding exponentially to its worth.

This is the element that is missing in Kerala home interior designing since the Home interior designers in Kochi fail to integrate the client’s aesthetic tastes, preferences, and needs. One of the few interior designers who understand the gravity of this principle is Alegra Designs. Not only are their designs exquisite, but they also make sure to integrate the personality of the dweller which is perhaps why their clients have contended that space seems to “belong” to them.

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  • Some other important principles

Rhythm & Repetition: This is a very powerful Interior design secret. Repetition means using certain elements repeatedly throughout the space. These may be colors, designs, lines, textures or materials like wood or brass. When repeatedly used, even so subtly, they create a rhythm in the space that works like magic. It adds a smooth flowing pattern and unity in the space.

Layer the details deliberately: While the other Interior tips focus on the larger picture, it is important not to forget the details. It is one of the biggest interior design secrets that layering even small details deliberately to make sure that it conforms to the overall vision of the space is what differentiates a layman from a seasoned interior designer.

Scale & Proportion: It might be a little confusing to grasp the concept, but this is one of the most important interior tips. This is related to the size of the elements in relation to other elements. This is a two-step process. Scale to weigh an object’s visual weight and then use Proportion that is, compare that visual weight to the interior as a whole and other objects around it. The ultimate aim of this process is to achieve a visual balance.

Transition: The principle of transition simply involves placing the elements in such a way that guides the eye throughout the space. The pattern is an important tool to increase transition.

These are some of the important interior tips that will help you spice up the ambiance. While these can certainly help, the amount of time, energy and money you have to invest in making your dream space may be quite high. It is therefore important to consult a professional home interior designers in Kochi to help you make the right decisions. As mentioned earlier, Allegra Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a highly recommended team of adept designers that can help to create the ideal space. They have an experience of over two decades and can accommodate all the needs of the clients in the lowest possible estimate, can adjust to your budget and creatively design your space with the maximum extent of customization and flair. They know the latest trends, the color schemes, can procure materials at affordable rates and create the desired harmony. The best part is their prompt service and 10-year warranty.

But, irrespective of anything, the fundamental rule of interior designing is to use your creativity! Let your imagination run wild!


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