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11 Tips to maintain your antique interiors and furniture

11 Tips to maintain your antique interiors and furniture

Antique interiors and furniture make your spaces look sophisticated and tasteful. But we all know the harsh truth that they require a lot of care and maintenance in order to look the way they should. Allegra designs are one of the best interior designers in Kochi and can provide you with extraordinary antique pieces for your interiors. They offer varieties to choose from and they have the leading interior designers in Kerala. Another amazing thing about Allegra designs is that they have experts who are willing to help you in every way. They will not only guide you to pick the perfect antique piece but also give you a suggestion to maintain them. This quality distinguishes them from others.
This article will give you handy tips to maintain your beloved antique interiors and furniture.

  • Apply Murphy’s Oil Soap:

Murphy’s Oil soap can make your vintage items look new and well maintained. This is easily available in the market and even online. You just have to mix this oil soap with water and then apply this mixture to your antique with a cloth. Make sure your item is free from dirt or paint and only then apply this mixture. Gently polish the wood with this cloth and you will see how it restores your pieces.

  • Remove stuck on stains with steel wool:

Steel wool should be used for cleaning tough stains. It helps in removing adhesives or glue and other difficult stains from your items. First of all, lubricate your antique with an appropriate spray and then use the super fine steel wool to clean away. If you really want to find out the best way to do this, consult the experts at Allegra designs.

  • Use a paste wax:

Paste wax is an age-old technique to protect and add shine to your furniture or wooden items. You just have to apply it, and it will dry into a thin but durable layer and offer protection to your furniture. It is actually very simple to use and you can never go wrong with time tested remedies!

  • Cleaning/vacuuming:

This sounds really basic. But believe me, a lot of times we overlook the simplest of the things. Cleaning is very important to upkeep your antiques and even more important is to clean properly. After cleaning you can also vacuum so that it is super tidy.

  • Rub the surface down with a soft cloth and your chosen cleaner:

interior cleaning-allegra

Always remember that antique interiors and furniture are very delicate in nature and have to be handled with extreme care. Choose a mild cleaner and use that to clean these items. Make sure you are using a soft cloth for this purpose. Also, it is advisable that you do a little research on the types of cleaners that are suitable for your furniture.

  • Use a toothbrush in hard-to-reach places:

This is a very easy tip. You can use an old toothbrush to get to the hard reaching places and fine edges. This is an amazing cleaning hack and you can check out Allegra designs to find out more about antique interiors.

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  • Polishing:

Polishing is really important if you want your antique interiors and furniture to last. First of all, you should brush these things with a soft brush. If possible, try to avoid water as much as possible. Before polishing, clean it with a mild cleaner and then let it dry. Then you can polish your interiors and furniture for maximum benefit.

  • Refinishing:

This is a very big step and you must be completely sure that you want to do this. This is really tricky and if not handled properly, it could destroy your antique interiors and furniture. Since there is some level of risk associated with this, it would be highly recommended that you consult Allegra designs and take their professional help and suggestions. They will ensure that you do not strip the value of your antique furniture.

  • Use a humidifier in a dry environment:

interiors-allegra designs

If you live in a very dry environment, you should use a humidifier to take care of your antique interior and furniture. In a very dry environment, the dry air will absorb the moisture from the wood and this will cause it to become very dry. This can lead to cracks and permanent damages to your beloved antique furniture.

  • Protect from harmful elements (heat, sunlight):

Elements like heat and sunlight can really damage your antique interiors and furniture. You should really take care of this and not expose your antique items to heat or direct sunlight. Your antique interiors and furniture are delicate as well as expensive. Also, even if they get damaged, it would be very costly to repair them. And in a lot of cases, it would be impossible to repair them. So keep them away from heat and avoid using heat appliances near the (or on them in case of furniture).

  • Make sure there are no pests:

Pests are a real buzz kill! They can severely damage your precious antique interiors and furniture so you really want to keep them away. You can avoid these infestations by carefully checking your antique items regularly for any sign of pest or pest-related damage. You could also do some treatments in your house/ spaces like moisture control, fumigation, replacement of the wood or even insecticides. If your antique interiors are made of wood then you would probably need to protect them from termites. You can do so by using oil or polishes to remove the moisture. In these cases, prevention will be better than cure. Since damages to antique items cannot be repaired easily, you might want to keep an eye out for such infestations.

There is no doubt that antique interiors and furniture bring about a certain class to our decor. Allegra designs offer you the best deals for antique interiors and furniture as they are the leading interior designers in Cochin. They offer you amazing deals and choices with the option of customization. They will also help you to plan and organize your decor as per your criteria. You should definitely check them out for leading interior designers in Kerala and they will plan out everything under your budget. Antique interiors and furniture require special care and you should get professional advice for their care and maintenance.
Your antique interiors and furniture can have a sentimental bond with you and they can also be heirlooms. So please follow these tips to care for them and keep them in near perfect condition. These little practices can go a long way in maintaining their beauty and elegance. Remember to protect your furniture before they get damaged and some things can never be replaced!

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