26 Apr

10 Interior Design Tips That Will Make Your Mood Happy and Positive

10 Interior Design Tips That Will Make Your Mood Happy and Positive

Home is a safe haven and comfort zone, where we live with our family and pets as well as enjoy with friends. A place where we can relax and truly be ourselves.
How does your home make you feel?
If you are hesitant in answering anything less than what has been described above, then that’s not the place you are meant to be. A home is a sanctuary of happiness and positivity, and it should not feel anything than this.

Here are some interior designing tips that will add cheer and serenity to your home.

  • Light Your World

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Brightly lit places tend to make one happy and elated. When you walk into a room lavished with cozy enticing light, you instantly feel soothed and cheered. There are several ways to make your home appear bright. The interior secret to a perfectly lit room is to have basic layers of lighting: Overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Overhead lighting basically provides a comfortable level of brightness in the house. Whereas task lighting and accent lighting enhances the beauty of your working space and gives character to the most cherished areas or objects of the house. interior designers in Kochi usually install beautiful window treatments that allow sunlight to stream in and make your home more appealing and relaxing.

  • Be a Proud Plant Parent

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Indoor plants transform your home into a calm and soothing haven. Plants not only liven up the living space but also removes harmful toxins from the air. A research done by NASA revealed that houseplants can remove 84 percent of harmful toxins from the air in 24 hours. Plant rearing has become a major trend, pots and other containers are the most common way of displaying plant at home.

  • Use a quirky piece of furniture

Quirky furniture has a way of making your space homelier. Try to bring home some quirky vibrant chairs that delight your mood. You should be in charge of creating your own style, as you are the one who would be living in your home so it becomes important to have your own eccentric taste reflecting in your furniture. Allegra designs have a team of interior designers who help you design your own furniture and add a personalized touch to your home.

  • Use mirrors to elongate and brighten up space

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Mirrors don’t exclusively belong in the bathroom and dressing areas, they have their own charm in brightening up your living space while contributing to the overall decor. Mirrors magically create an illusion of spaciousness. Kerala home interior designers place mirrors facing the windows allowing it to reflect more light around the room. Hanging mirrors in the hallways and staircases can make the place look more expansive.

  • Use a lovely air freshener in your home

Scents have a strong influence on the vibe your home gives out. It adds depth and character to your home. You should select the fragrance which you associate with positive and pleasant experiences.

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  • Use a colorful stem or two of fresh flowers in your dining table

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Every dining table looks more inviting with a beautiful fresh bouquet in the center of it. The presence of flowers is known to elevate the mood significantly and heighten feelings of satisfaction. Vibrant colors and beautifully sculpted, these wonders of nature always bring a smile and delight to one’s face. So get a beautiful aesthetic vase to serve as a gorgeous centerpiece for your table and throw in it some bewitching colorful flowers to make your dining space more energizing.

  • Use music to create a mood.

Music has the power to make you feel joyful and relaxed. Listening to music increases the amount of dopamine in our brain. It provides a refuge from the outside world and makes your home more alluring. With the advancement in technology, there are numerous products like Amazon echo and Saregama Caravaan that provide good sound quality while adding up to the aesthetics of your home. So put on some music and make your time at home more enjoyable.

  • Enhance your mood through color selections (Paint)

Choosing the right color for your walls not only makes them look good but also significantly influences your mood. When your colors are right, the room looks more organized and uncluttered. Bright colors like orange, red and yellow give a cheerful vibe to your home whereas a neutral color palette can transform your home into a soothing space. At Allegra Designs, a team of expert interior designers and decorators help in choosing the best color palette in accordance with your preference that makes your home livelier and more relaxing.

  • Use white (for lights, paint, accessories)

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Home interiors in Kochi are now more attracted towards the idea of minimalistic living. Attraction towards the color white can now be seen in most interior design ideas. White can make one feel serene and fresh. The use of the white color conveys a sense of simplicity and cleanliness and can make one feel more positive. Throwing some white curtains and adding white decorative pieces attract positive vibes within the home. And using white light and paint make rooms seem larger and more spacious.

  • Mix new and old pieces

One of the interior secrets that are being prevalent among designers is mixing new and old pieces to give an eccentric look to your home. Blending modern trends with old pieces and items that have sentimental values makes your home more unique. It is important to cleverly combine the old and new to make your space more cohesive and calm. Selecting a good interior designer becomes imperative so as to make your home look non-chaotic. The experts at Allegra Designs are specialized in this field and can help you in creating the right balance while appreciating your individuality.

Other tips that will create a sanguine atmosphere in your home would be incorporating the techniques of Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui while designing your interiors. Allegra designs are well equipped with the knowledge of these arts and have been known to provide their clientele with the best team of experts comprising of interior designers, decorators, and architects. They provide you with tastefully designed spaces that you will always cherish and take pride to own. Contact them and own a home sweet home.

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