01 Aug

Interior Design Ideas for Kerala Style Homes

Interior Design Ideas for Kerala Style Homes

Kerala Style Homes are of their own kinds – airy, spacious and bearing a serene and rustic look that makes them the Kerala Style Homes. With the changes in lifestyles and technology advancements, the interior designs also got a makeover and now these homes are also designed in keeping the modern interior elements in mind. The long verandas are now done in a corridor-type setting and the décor comprises various aesthetics that reflect your style and taste.

If you are looking for some interior designing tips for your Kerala Style Home, then the following post has some really good tips from the best interior designers in Kochi. So, read on and give your home a lovely makeover.

Space is Important for interior designing

Since the old times, the Kerala style homes have been spacious and all the arrangement of items in the house was done keeping the space in mind. Interior Designers in Kerala understand the fact that the modern day world doesn’t allow the luxury of a spacious abode; especially in the cities. Hence, keep your décor and interior planned around “SPACE”. Don’t try to arrange things in a space, but try to keep SPACE among the things.

Ventilation is Important

Keeping ventilation available in every portion of the room is another concept that is prioritized by the home interior designers in Kochi. In a place where humidity is ambient and rains are abundant, it is important to have well ventilated spaces. This allows the spaces to remain fresh; free of mould and mildew; helps in getting rid of the characteristic humid odour and fungal growth. 

Interior Colours trends and Combinations

Almost all the interior designers in Kochi deliver the homes in neutral shades combined with dark coloured furnishings. The interior design colour trends are important to keep the feel and comfort of living. The combination is a classic one and has been in use since ages. The modern day architecture and interior designs are also kept according to this. Neutral colours can be done in a gradient as well as solid colours with self-coloured patterns. In case you wish to go for darker colours, choose the furnishings and décor items carefully as dark-on-dark will give your place a gloomy look.

Too much and Too Less will destroy the magic

Allegra Designs is one of the best interior designing companies in Kochi and has been reviewed and rated high by the customers. The experts there believe in doing things in JUST the right quantities. Too much furnishings and too much empty space, both the situations will never deliver the best appearance of your home. Don’t think that the installation of large wall clocks and wall mirrors will make your place seem stylish or royal. Adjustment of all the elements is a must and only the expert interior designers in Kerala can deliver that magical touch.

Nadumuttam or the Central Courtyard doesn’t have to be that typical rustic place.

Kerala Style Homes can be instantly recognized by the central courtyard or the Nadumuttam. Modern day home interior designers in Kerala and all over the state of Kerala are trying to give that traditional space a modern makeover. Installation of an indoor garden with small seating options; gravel flooring with small cemented paths to deliver an indoor relaxation space; or a rustic conversation pit that comes with removable cane furniture or other similar options for sitting are some of the ideas that make the space really awesome.

Stairs that seem to take you to heaven

Just like the Nadumuttam, the Staircases are also one crucial component of every Kerala Style Home. Going by the words of the experts at the best interior furnishing companies in Kochi, the staircase render the final touch to any home. Keeping them comfortable, unique and friendly for people of all ages are some mandatory rules. Other characteristics that are left open for experimentation are their style; landing; utilization of the wall holding the staircase; installation of railings; colours; materials and other such things.

Main Entrances

Kerala Style Homes are known for their royal looking main entrances. The people love woodwork; the heavier, the better. Generally, the Interior Designers in Kerala focus on the wooden doors with heavy borders, ornamental handles and latches and simple finish that characterize the traditional Kerala Style Architectural elements. If you wish to give a makeover to your doors as well, then try to incorporate the modern style elements of decorative doors; modern and contemporary colours of polish; wall décor around the door; colour and material of wall around the door; door height and designer hangings above the door, in the roof.

Wood, Wood and More Wood

Any post on interior design ideas for the Kerala Style Homes will be incomplete without having something like the wooden furnishings and wooden décor items. The people in Kerala have been in love with the wooden furnishings since time immemorial. There are wooden furniture markets in every nook and corner and people love giving them as gifts and souvenirs as well.

The expert interior designers in Kerala say that choosing the wooden furnishings should be done carefully. Things should not be too bulky or too gloomy in overall look and appeal. Modular wooden furniture; wooden décors such as false partitions made in laser cut wood, small shelves, wooden cabinets, corridor cabinets; side tables and stools and chairs etc. should be chosen carefully keeping in mind the overall arrangement and design of the house.

Rest, the mind has no limits except your budget..!! So, think and create a dreamland you love to live in…!!

27 Jun

Tips for Protecting Home Interiors During Monsoon Season

Tips for Protecting Home Interiors During Monsoon Season

Everybody loves the monsoons. Right?? I mean the mornings that welcome you with fresh air and your windows opening up to the bright greens and cloud-laden sky that comes with a promise of rain showers, drizzles and torrents; the absence of dust and dirt; the never-ending tea and coffee sessions and the relaxed and calm effect it produces on your nerves and senses – Yes.!!! Monsoon is a pure BLISS. Though one just cannot hate the rainy season, the state of Kerala receives a lot of it and one major setback in the season is faced by the homes and home interiors.
The abundance of moisture can lead to fungal growth on furniture, in the corners of the house; the water can leak and cause moisture and chipping of paint, wallpaper, and appearance of salty deposits both inside and outside the house and can make your expensive rugs prone to dirty shoes and fungus in no time. To make sure that your nest is not affected at all by the advent of the monsoons and you just cash-in on the happiness and charm of the season, the following post will offer a few tips from the interior designers in Kerala that can help you in keeping your homes fresh, and armed for the monsoons.

Tips from the Top Interior Designers in Kerala:

1 – Walls are important..!!

Paint your walls with waterproof and oil-based paints of good quality which doesn’t let the wall hold in moisture and thus protects the underlying material. In case there are cracks in them, use the modified waterproof mortar and close them to prevent waterlogging. Always remember, waterlogging will show outside as well as inside of the wall. You can take help from the home interior designers in Kochi as well to make your home waterproof.

2 – Proper Drainage

When the house is constructed, the plumbing plan is also devised and given to the owner by the good architects and interior designers. This plan will keep you informed of all the pipelines in the walls and in case you notice any seepage or moisture on the wall, you can directly refer to that plan and address the problem. Allegra Designs is one of the highly reputed interior designers in Kochi that offer all kinds of services and plans for designing problem free and happy homes.

3 – Wrap up the Rugs and Carpets

Though you might dote on the expensive rug that decorates your living room and the runners in the lobbies and verandas, the fact that monsoons in Kerala are mighty and long is too big to be ignored. As per the expert interior designers in Kerala, the monsoons mark the beginning of fungal accumulation in the rugs, carpets, dhurries, and runners. To avoid them getting soiled with the muddy dirt and fungal growth you should dry them in the sun; let them cool; fold them and store in a dry and cool place for the monsoons. Opt for simple mats till then.

4 – Take Help

Before the monsoon starts, you can hire help from Allegra Designs which is the best of all the interior designing companies in Kochi to make your homes ready and armed for the monsoons. The experts will visit the site; make a detailed inspection and will offer the best and the most efficient solutions for all kinds of problem areas in your homes.

Have a happy monsoon..!!!