31 Dec

6 Top Home Office Lighting Ideas for Your Workspace

6 Top Home Office Lighting Ideas for Your Workspace

We all love a ‘staycation’, yeah? It is the most amazing work can ever get. You can stay at home and work with a mug of coffee in your hand or chips in buckets feeling the comfort of homey clothes. And we all know that the possibilities of fun are endless even though you have to meet deadlines. But your favourite work from home schedule can go all wrong if you cannot work efficiently. You need to make up for the time spent on other activities at home by working faster when you are at home. And if the home attributes, especially the lighting elements at your home office does not support you, the staycation could all go wrong in the fraction of seconds.  Hence, it will be helpful if you focus on the following points before radically changing the interior of your home office.

  1. Assess the natural light receptivity in the room

It is the first and the most important task to be completed before considering any changes or preparing your shopping list for performing the interior decor changes. Because so many of your further decisions will be highly dependent on it. It is necessary to evaluate the natural light receptivity in your home office. Kindly check if there are any other buildings, trees, the architectural extensions of the same building etc nearby blocking the receptivity of light into the room. If there are any big trees, you can start your preparations by shaping or cutting down a few branches so that light will easily enter the room.

  1. Passages for the light to enter

Home office

Once the light source is assessed, make ways for the light to enter your home office. If there is over brightness experienced than you might like, you can use cooling films on your windows to reduce it. But, normally the constraint is due to under lighting which causes strain to eyes and thereby tiring you faster. In order to increase the light receptivity, maximize the number of windows and doors to your home office space. Keep the blinds and curtains up. Also, you can have one or two light holes. Or it is a widely practised idea these days to keep glasses on the roof so that your room brightens like a diamond in the presence of natural light and you can save much on electricity.

  1. Working with and colours can brighten up your room

The shades of different colours you choose for your home office space can big impacts on the lighting of your workspace interiors. If you are choosing dark colours on all the walls, shelves and ceiling, the chance is higher than your office will be darker looking. But you mix it up with lighter shades, you can control the effect. However, if you are going for shades of white, light blue, light rose, etc your room will surely brighten up as much as it can.

  1.  Find appropriate accessories

Make sure to use the cushions, rugs, carpets, and curtains of the rooms the colours that will reflect light so that the room will look radiant.

  1. Grow a plant


Even though this is not a direct lighting idea, placing indoor plants in the office space will light up the room and it will give some life to the room.  The plants will you a breath of fresh air, no doubt and will make your room feel vibrant.

  1.  Use artificial lights

Artificial Lights

If ample natural light is not your friend on this task, there are always so many ways to light up your room with artificial lights.  You can choose from a list of overhead lights, recessed lights, task lights, corrective lights, under cabinet lights or even table lamps according to your choice in a way it would maximize the lighting availability.

While redecorating interiors it is absolutely possible to get it all done by yourself. But hiring experienced interior decorators will be helpful as you could get expert opinions and ideas while planning your little redecoration! It is inevitable to blend the colours, artificial and natural lighting sources and other elements of the room to invoke the right balance and ambience to the room.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to brighten up your home office!

27 Dec

Top 7 Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Top 7 Dining Room Lighting Ideas

A dining room is the most commonly used room in a house. Not only serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also this room functions as a party hosting area, small talk counter or homework centre for kids. The temperature and light of the dining room can influence the personality of the entire house. A well-lit room can enhance your activities and energize you. The following are the ways to ensure the lighting settings of the dining room.
Determine the shape of structures in the Dining room

While designing the dining room, it is really important to figure out a coherent pattern for the shapes and sizes of the structures in the dining room. The shapes of pillars, extended walls, artefacts, crafts, lights etc in the room should really compliment each other. They should not look disproportionate and unmatching to the other elements in the dining room.

1.Colours, Themes, and Patterns for the Dining Room

Colour schemes you choose can absolutely change the mood of the room. While vibrant colours might bring a lot of energy to the room, it can sometimes badly affect the lighting of the room. It is always safe to play with neutral and softer shades of colours. But then it sometimes will not provide the ultimate cooler look you are hoping for. Hence, try to go for either a matchy look where similar colours might merge into a warm colour theme or else go for complementary colours where one colour will bring warmth while the other might bring a pinch of excitement and energy.

2.Getting the Light Right in the Dining Room

It is always highly important to get the lighting of the room right. Nobody wants to walk into a dark and shady dining room. Nobody wants to eat or talk in dark. While the artificial lights can provide solutions to the lighting problems in your, always the key is to try for bringing in maximum natural light to the interior so that the room will have bright energy. Hence while designing your dining room, make sure to allow the incident of light to the maximum.

3.Hanging Lights and Pendants for Your Dining Room

Hanging Lights

There are multiple ways to look at hanging pendants in your dining room. The most obvious reason is to give your room adequate lighting as intended. Also, they work as mild show pieces which can be used in most of the dining rooms regardless of the themes. If you are going for coloured pendants, you can match them with the other room decor. Or if you feel like the prime colour in your room is already overpowering, you can choose an alternative complementary colour to balance the tone of the room.

4.Blush of Green

Bringing some natural green element to the dining room is always a good idea. Yes, I am talking about the plants. The indoor plants in the dining room can give liveliness to the room. The energy offered by their mere presence is absolutely mindblowing. If you already don’t have them in your dining room, you can definitely get some plants which require low maintenance today itself.

5.Metallic Colours

Metallic colours like the shades of gold, silver, iron, copper etc can set a particular mood for the room. While they will project a majestic look and give a radiant vibe to the room, it will also balance the colours in the room.

6.Wall Arts and Paintings

Dining room Wall art

Wall arts, wallpapers, paintings, artefacts, other crafts etc if any you wish to place on the wall in order to give you an appealing look, always ensure that they all blend well. A contemporary modern dining room might not accommodate a historic painting well. Surrealism might blend more with the theme in this context. Similarly, a surreal canvas might not go with a Victorian dining room. Hence, be careful while selecting your paintings.

7.Spotlights, Lamps, and Chandeliers

If you feel that despite the naturally well-lit settings, your dinner parties cannot quite have the perfect ambience you prefer, you should go for artificial lighting options such as spotlights, different kinds of lamps and chandeliers. Chandeliers of the right kind with a doubt, will completely change the ambience of the room and bring in more elegance.

These are some of the dining room designs ideas you might want to consider if you are designing a new dining room or redecorating an old one. By implementing at least of these ideas to your designs, the look and feel of your room will completely change. Now you can host those lunch or dinner parties proudly. At the same time, your dining room will be the ultimate place for family bonding in the house.

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