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11 Tips to maintain your antique interiors and furniture

11 Tips to maintain your antique interiors and furniture

Antique interiors and furniture make your spaces look sophisticated and tasteful. But we all know the harsh truth that they require a lot of care and maintenance in order to look the way they should. Allegra designs are one of the best interior designers in Kochi and can provide you with extraordinary antique pieces for your interiors. They offer varieties to choose from and they have the leading interior designers in Kerala. Another amazing thing about Allegra designs is that they have experts who are willing to help you in every way. They will not only guide you to pick the perfect antique piece but also give you a suggestion to maintain them. This quality distinguishes them from others.
This article will give you handy tips to maintain your beloved antique interiors and furniture.

  • Apply Murphy’s Oil Soap:

Murphy’s Oil soap can make your vintage items look new and well maintained. This is easily available in the market and even online. You just have to mix this oil soap with water and then apply this mixture to your antique with a cloth. Make sure your item is free from dirt or paint and only then apply this mixture. Gently polish the wood with this cloth and you will see how it restores your pieces.

  • Remove stuck on stains with steel wool:

Steel wool should be used for cleaning tough stains. It helps in removing adhesives or glue and other difficult stains from your items. First of all, lubricate your antique with an appropriate spray and then use the super fine steel wool to clean away. If you really want to find out the best way to do this, consult the experts at Allegra designs.

  • Use a paste wax:

Paste wax is an age-old technique to protect and add shine to your furniture or wooden items. You just have to apply it, and it will dry into a thin but durable layer and offer protection to your furniture. It is actually very simple to use and you can never go wrong with time tested remedies!

  • Cleaning/vacuuming:

This sounds really basic. But believe me, a lot of times we overlook the simplest of the things. Cleaning is very important to upkeep your antiques and even more important is to clean properly. After cleaning you can also vacuum so that it is super tidy.

  • Rub the surface down with a soft cloth and your chosen cleaner:

interior cleaning-allegra

Always remember that antique interiors and furniture are very delicate in nature and have to be handled with extreme care. Choose a mild cleaner and use that to clean these items. Make sure you are using a soft cloth for this purpose. Also, it is advisable that you do a little research on the types of cleaners that are suitable for your furniture.

  • Use a toothbrush in hard-to-reach places:

This is a very easy tip. You can use an old toothbrush to get to the hard reaching places and fine edges. This is an amazing cleaning hack and you can check out Allegra designs to find out more about antique interiors.

  • Polishing:

Polishing is really important if you want your antique interiors and furniture to last. First of all, you should brush these things with a soft brush. If possible, try to avoid water as much as possible. Before polishing, clean it with a mild cleaner and then let it dry. Then you can polish your interiors and furniture for maximum benefit.

  • Refinishing:

This is a very big step and you must be completely sure that you want to do this. This is really tricky and if not handled properly, it could destroy your antique interiors and furniture. Since there is some level of risk associated with this, it would be highly recommended that you consult Allegra designs and take their professional help and suggestions. They will ensure that you do not strip the value of your antique furniture.

  • Use a humidifier in a dry environment:

interiors-allegra designs

If you live in a very dry environment, you should use a humidifier to take care of your antique interior and furniture. In a very dry environment, the dry air will absorb the moisture from the wood and this will cause it to become very dry. This can lead to cracks and permanent damages to your beloved antique furniture.

  • Protect from harmful elements (heat, sunlight):

Elements like heat and sunlight can really damage your antique interiors and furniture. You should really take care of this and not expose your antique items to heat or direct sunlight. Your antique interiors and furniture are delicate as well as expensive. Also, even if they get damaged, it would be very costly to repair them. And in a lot of cases, it would be impossible to repair them. So keep them away from heat and avoid using heat appliances near the (or on them in case of furniture).

  • Make sure there are no pests:

Pests are a real buzz kill! They can severely damage your precious antique interiors and furniture so you really want to keep them away. You can avoid these infestations by carefully checking your antique items regularly for any sign of pest or pest-related damage. You could also do some treatments in your house/ spaces like moisture control, fumigation, replacement of the wood or even insecticides. If your antique interiors are made of wood then you would probably need to protect them from termites. You can do so by using oil or polishes to remove the moisture. In these cases, prevention will be better than cure. Since damages to antique items cannot be repaired easily, you might want to keep an eye out for such infestations.

There is no doubt that antique interiors and furniture bring about a certain class to our decor. Allegra designs offer you the best deals for antique interiors and furniture as they are the leading interior designers in Cochin. They offer you amazing deals and choices with the option of customization. They will also help you to plan and organize your decor as per your criteria. You should definitely check them out for leading interior designers in Kerala and they will plan out everything under your budget. Antique interiors and furniture require special care and you should get professional advice for their care and maintenance.
Your antique interiors and furniture can have a sentimental bond with you and they can also be heirlooms. So please follow these tips to care for them and keep them in near perfect condition. These little practices can go a long way in maintaining their beauty and elegance. Remember to protect your furniture before they get damaged and some things can never be replaced!

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10 Interior Design Tips That Will Make Your Mood Happy and Positive

10 Interior Design Tips That Will Make Your Mood Happy and Positive

Home is a safe haven and comfort zone, where we live with our family and pets as well as enjoy with friends. A place where we can relax and truly be ourselves.
How does your home make you feel?
If you are hesitant in answering anything less than what has been described above, then that’s not the place you are meant to be. A home is a sanctuary of happiness and positivity, and it should not feel anything than this.
Here are some interior design ideas that will add cheer and serenity to your home.

  • Light Your World

Home interiors - Allegra Designs

Brightly lit places tend to make one happy and elated. When you walk into a room lavished with cozy enticing light, you instantly feel soothed and cheered. There are several ways to make your home appear bright. The interior secret to a perfectly lit room is to have basic layers of lighting: Overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Overhead lighting basically provides a comfortable level of brightness in the house. Whereas task lighting and accent lighting enhances the beauty of your working space and gives character to the most cherished areas or objects of the house. interior designers in Kochi usually install beautiful window treatments that allow sunlight to stream in and make your home more appealing and relaxing.

  • Be a Proud Plant Parent

Interior designs- Allegra Designs-min

Indoor plants transform your home into a calm and soothing haven. Plants not only liven up the living space but also removes harmful toxins from the air. A research done by NASA revealed that houseplants can remove 84 percent of harmful toxins from the air in 24 hours. Plant rearing has become a major trend, pots and other containers are the most common way of displaying plant at home.

  • Use a quirky piece of furniture

Quirky furniture has a way of making your space homelier. Try to bring home some quirky vibrant chairs that delight your mood. You should be in charge of creating your own style, as you are the one who would be living in your home so it becomes important to have your own eccentric taste reflecting in your furniture. Allegra designs have a team of interior designers who help you design your own furniture and add a personalized touch to your home.

  • Use mirrors to elongate and brighten up space

interiors - Allegra Design

Mirrors don’t exclusively belong in the bathroom and dressing areas, they have their own charm in brightening up your living space while contributing to the overall decor. Mirrors magically create an illusion of spaciousness. Kerala home interior designers place mirrors facing the windows allowing it to reflect more light around the room. Hanging mirrors in the hallways and staircases can make the place look more expansive.

  • Use a lovely air freshener in your home

Scents have a strong influence on the vibe your home gives out. It adds depth and character to your home. You should select the fragrance which you associate with positive and pleasant experiences.

  • Use a colorful stem or two of fresh flowers in your dining table

interiors home- allegra design

Every dining table looks more inviting with a beautiful fresh bouquet in the center of it. The presence of flowers is known to elevate the mood significantly and heighten feelings of satisfaction. Vibrant colors and beautifully sculpted, these wonders of nature always bring a smile and delight to one’s face. So get a beautiful aesthetic vase to serve as a gorgeous centerpiece for your table and throw in it some bewitching colorful flowers to make your dining space more energizing.

  • Use music to create a mood.

Music has the power to make you feel joyful and relaxed. Listening to music increases the amount of dopamine in our brain. It provides a refuge from the outside world and makes your home more alluring. With the advancement in technology, there are numerous products like Amazon echo and Saregama Caravaan that provide good sound quality while adding up to the aesthetics of your home. So put on some music and make your time at home more enjoyable.

  • Enhance your mood through color selections (Paint)

Choosing the right color for your walls not only makes them look good but also significantly influences your mood. When your colors are right, the room looks more organized and uncluttered. Bright colors like orange, red and yellow give a cheerful vibe to your home whereas a neutral color palette can transform your home into a soothing space. At Allegra Designs, a team of expert interior designers and decorators help in choosing the best color palette in accordance with your preference that makes your home livelier and more relaxing.

  • Use white (for lights, paint, accessories)

home interior - Allegra designs

Home interiors in Kochi are now more attracted towards the idea of minimalistic living. Attraction towards the color white can now be seen in most interior design ideas. White can make one feel serene and fresh. The use of the white color conveys a sense of simplicity and cleanliness and can make one feel more positive. Throwing some white curtains and adding white decorative pieces attract positive vibes within the home. And using white light and paint make rooms seem larger and more spacious.

  • Mix new and old pieces

One of the interior secrets that are being prevalent among designers is mixing new and old pieces to give an eccentric look to your home. Blending modern trends with old pieces and items that have sentimental values makes your home more unique. It is important to cleverly combine the old and new to make your space more cohesive and calm. Selecting a good interior designer becomes imperative so as to make your home look non-chaotic. The experts at Allegra Designs are specialized in this field and can help you in creating the right balance while appreciating your individuality.

Other tips that will create a sanguine atmosphere in your home would be incorporating the techniques of Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui while designing your interiors. Allegra designs are well equipped with the knowledge of these arts and have been known to provide their clientele with the best team of experts comprising of interior designers, decorators, and architects. They provide you with tastefully designed spaces that you will always cherish and take pride to own. Contact them and own a home sweet home.

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Is Vastu Shastra really important while designing a house?

Is Vastu Shastra really important while designing a house?

Vastu Shastra or the ancient Indian methodology adopted while designing one’s house is still taking into consideration while moving into a new house or building a new one. So what exactly is Vastu Shastra? Vastu Shastra is the channel between man and nature combining the powers of the five basic elements essential for human survival namely, fire, earth, water, air, and space. The primary objective of Vastu Shastra is the restoration of balance between households and nature (or say the universe) to make lives of the people residing in the houses better.
Most of the people believe that Vastu Shastra is related only with the construction or overall design of a house. However, in reality, it is also applicable to interior arrangements. Based on the interior designing of a house, energies (both positive and negative) are created, affecting the existence of the individuals residing therein. However, it is not possible to make everything Vastu compliant in today’s era where people live in confined places. But it is possible to accommodate some requirements of Vastu Shastra by making changes in the accessories, paints or furniture of the house.
Vastu Shastra benefits are many. It is really important to consider some Vastu Shastra tips while designing a house. Some of the advantages are:

  • Harmonizing nature’s energy Haven’t you heard your grandmother instructing you to design the apartment in such a way to place kitchen and worship room far from one another or things similar to that? This is because she is well aware of the fact that Vastu Shastra harmonizes nature’s sources of power such as that of sun, moon, wind, earth, light and so on to bring peace and perpetual prosperity in the lives of people living there.
  • Creates financial security: It is a fact well-known and acknowledged that application of Vastu in the correct manner brings an ample supply of wealth by removing all negative energies from the lives of the inhabitants and leading towards golden prospects.
  • Generates new opportunities for you: As already mentioned, correct Vastu helps in the removal of all negative energies from your life which acts as a remedy for anything that was previously stumbling upon your growth. Vastu Shastra will enable you to achieve success whether it be in academics or job and provide you with the best opportunities available.
  • Keeps your relationships strong: One major problem that people in this era faces is complications in (any kind of) relationships. Vastu Shastra makes sure to act a neutralizing agent to remove all sorts of misunderstandings and bitterness from your relationships so as to make bones strong and healthy throughout your life.
  • Brings happiness and joy to your life: Are you facing misery and fights in your home? Flaws in Vastu Shastra might be the answer. To ensure your family’s happiness for long-term, make sure to correct the defects in Vastu. It will provide you with the joy you have been missing in your house.

You might have been planning to build (or re-build) your house according to Vastu after reading the above-mentioned points. You can do so by following some of the Vastu Shastra tips mentioned below:

  • Door:
    Your bedroom door should be designed to open up to ninety degrees to invite prospects. While doors of the kitchen are supposed to face the north-eastern direction. You will find Kerala home interiors well decorated because of various home designers such as Allegra Designs who know the importance of bedroom and kitchen area in your lives.
  • Sleep pointing to the south:
    Make sure that your head is tilted towards the south while you are sleeping to remain free of magnetic energy provided by the north. Have a great sleep.
  • Water:
    One of the many Vastu Shastra tips includes placing the source of water in the north-east part of the kitchen as it is the safest location for drinking water.
  • Floorings:
    Vastu Shastra recommends the floor of the living room to be at a level lower than the rest of the house to keep the house at peace.
  • Electric gadgets:
    The electric gadgets used in the kitchen are to be connected with the southern wall as Vastu believes that it is the best location for using fire.
  • Colors:
    Use colors that make you happy. A fact believed even by the experts at Allegra Designs who try to incorporate the color of your choice in whichever manner they can. Normally, four colors are believed to improve people’s health and eating habits, blue, green, yellow and red. So, use them if you are fine with their shades.
  • Gas:
    Using gas is itself a risky business hence, be sure of placing it in the south-eastern portion of the kitchen or wherever you cook. Vastu suggests locating even the exhaust fans here itself.
  • Sharp corners:
    Place your bed in a manner that you don’t have to be in line with any sharp corners while sleeping. That will make your life easy, calm and free from unwanted strains.
  • Mirrors:

interior design-Allegra designs

Avoid placing mirrors on the north side of your room. To remain free of troubles being projected at you, try covering mirrors in your bedroom before sleeping.

  • Making decisions here:
    Whenever you are making decisions or personal or business life, sit in the living room facing either the north or the east. This is the seating arrangement of success.

In a nutshell, it can be said that not only interior designing but also designing keeping in mind the Vastu Shastra has become important in a generation wherein pressure, trauma, restlessness, diseases are on a rise. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the people taking care of your house’s planning and designing to make it Vastu compliant as soon as possible.

People in Kerala have long before understood such facts. Kerala home interiors are winning hearts nowadays. It is because Kerala home interior designs are planned with the help of well-trained experts such as people at Allegra Designs. Allegra Designs is famous for Kerala home interior design as per the choices and demands of its customers incorporating even the Vastu Shastra tips in its execution. People at Allegra Designs understand that how important a living room or an office is for the person requesting its construction and hence, it makes sure to deliver tastefully designed spaces to all of its clients.

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6 Important Interior Designing Principles You Need to Remember

6 Important Interior Designing Principles You Need to Remember

Interior designing has gained increased importance in recent times. People have realized that it is not only about the aesthetic value or ornamentation of the space but it also helps utilize the space well and affects its mood, vibe, presentability, and aura. The impact of this realization is profound in Home interior designing, especially in Kerala.
But interior designing is not as simple as it sounds. It is more than a simple pick and chooses between what looks good and what doesn’t. It is about coherent efforts as per a scheme to reach Unity and Harmony. While professional and seasoned Interior designers make it seem simple, it is necessary to accommodate designing rules to have the desired result. Some important principles are listed below:

  • Symmetrical & Asymmetrical balance:

Balance, literally, means evenly distributing things to enable them to be in harmony. As a designing rule, balance means “distributing the elements evenly throughout the space to create a visual balance”. It makes sure that each element stands out. It is the cardinal rule for an effective presentation and proper use of space.
Symmetrical balance presupposes even distribution so as to create a mirror effect in the space. Asymmetrical balance, on the contrary, includes placing dominating elements (like designs, brighter colors or larger objects) at the center of the room and complementary subtler elements at each side. This helps to create a balance of visual weight.

  • Emphasis & Focus

The principle of emphasis necessarily implies giving value, prominence or importance to a particular area or object. This creates a focal point, which attracts the eyes at first glance and all things in the room, flow from that point of focus.
To make something stand out, color can be used to give importance to a particular thing through contrast. Leaving Negative space can also be a good idea. Furthermore, using lines and light such as accent lighting can help direct the eyes towards the focal points.

  • Color and contrast

Home interiors- Allegra Designs

Color is an important element of Interior design. It is a very powerful tool to give the desired mood to space and establish an aesthetic symmetry between the objects. Colors affect the psychology of the people by what they particularly signify and hence, it is very important to choose the color wisely. It is also important to decide whether tertiary, analogous, complementary or monochromatic colors should be used.

Colors have three characteristics which are Value, Hue and Intensity. This gives a variety of options to play with and while there are many things to consider, for the final decision, it is best to trust your gut and see which option seems to click with you.

Contrast is a very important visual tool that can be used to make anything stand out. Placing strikingly different elements next to each other creates emphasis on both. If used in moderation, contrast can add a lot of drama to space. Contrast can be achieved by using various elements like color, lines, designs, and textures.

  • Harmony and Unity:

All the interior rules are guided to achieve this Goal. To achieve “Harmony and Unity”. Harmony is congruity, a consistent and orderly arrangement of parts to make it pleasing and Unity is the oneness of Harmony. They are achieved when all the elements in the space are complementary and work together to meet the function of the space. This presupposes a guided approach to achieve one goal.

  • Be authentic

This is perhaps the most important designing rule. It is important to understand that while space may be aesthetic and visually pleasing, it is important for it to be personalized for the user. This makes the space unique, adding exponentially to its worth.

This is the element that is missing in Kerala home interior designing since the Home interior designers in Kochi fail to integrate the client’s aesthetic tastes, preferences, and needs. One of the few interior designers who understand the gravity of this principle is Alegra Designs. Not only are their designs exquisite, but they also make sure to integrate the personality of the dweller which is perhaps why their clients have contended that space seems to “belong” to them.

  • Some other important principles

Rhythm & Repetition: This is a very powerful Interior design secret. Repetition means using certain elements repeatedly throughout the space. These may be colors, designs, lines, textures or materials like wood or brass. When repeatedly used, even so subtly, they create a rhythm in the space that works like magic. It adds a smooth flowing pattern and unity in the space.

Layer the details deliberately: While the other Interior tips focus on the larger picture, it is important not to forget the details. It is one of the biggest interior design secrets that layering even small details deliberately to make sure that it conforms to the overall vision of the space is what differentiates a layman from a seasoned interior designer.

Scale & Proportion: It might be a little confusing to grasp the concept, but this is one of the most important interior tips. This is related to the size of the elements in relation to other elements. This is a two-step process. Scale to weigh an object’s visual weight and then use Proportion that is, compare that visual weight to the interior as a whole and other objects around it. The ultimate aim of this process is to achieve a visual balance.

Transition: The principle of transition simply involves placing the elements in such a way that guides the eye throughout the space. The pattern is an important tool to increase transition.

These are some of the important interior tips that will help you spice up the ambiance. While these can certainly help, the amount of time, energy and money you have to invest in making your dream space may be quite high. It is therefore important to consult a professional home interior designers in Kochi to help you make the right decisions. As mentioned earlier, Allegra Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a highly recommended team of adept designers that can help to create the ideal space. They have an experience of over two decades and can accommodate all the needs of the clients in the lowest possible estimate, can adjust to your budget and creatively design your space with the maximum extent of customization and flair. They know the latest trends, the color schemes, can procure materials at affordable rates and create the desired harmony. The best part is their prompt service and 10-year warranty.

But, irrespective of anything, the fundamental rule of interior designing is to use your creativity! Let your imagination run wild!


28 Mar

Kids Bedroom psychology: How does the bedroom interior impact the emotions of your child

Kids Bedroom psychology: How does the bedroom interior impact the emotions of your child

How does the bedroom interior impact the emotions of your child?

To most of us, children are the most beloved aspect of our lives. They brighten up everything around us. Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. Just like physical health, mental health of the children is also very important. Small things which we may find insignificant actually matter to the well-being of the children. The aspect of colors is one among them.

Did You Know How interiors and decors influence your kid’s emotion?


Children are very sensitive. They are yet very curious. They get attached to objects, shapes, patterns, and colors with greater affinity than a normal human being. They get intrigued by tiny details and how they interpret that detail can have long term effects on the behavior aspect of their psyche. Unlike traditional times, now a child spends more time in their bedroom.

It is hence important to create a space of them which is a kids-friendly happiness corner. There should be an efficient utilization of space without cluttering things and specific designs and colors taking the psychological and creative factors into consideration.

Paint Colour Choices affects Your Mood

Psychology of colors can help us pick paint colors that generate the best mood in our room, affecting not just our kid’s feelings, but those of everyone who enters the space. Let’s look at how to influence the different colors on our kid’s mind.

Red: Red is a powerful color which can invoke magnetic responses in people.  It represents fire, love, and anger and it reminds us of passionate energy. The color Red increases blood pressure and respiration rate. This color is noted as the most influential color in both human beings and other living organisms. It also makes people lose track of time and stimulates appetite. So rather than using it plainly, red is generally best used as an accent. In Feng Shui, red represents good fortune.

Yellow: Yellow is basically considered a happy color. It often tends to makes people feel cheerful, energetic, and happy. But Yellow tends to cause more eye fatigue than any other color. It prompts more opinionated feelings than other colors frequently.

Blue: In general, the color blue represents confidence, openness, and stability. The lighter shades of blue provide calming and soothing effect while the darker shades are hard on emotions. Blue color with neutral shades can improve productivity. It helps to make an individual feel more spiritual and centered. If you have set a study corner for your child within the bedroom, blue will be a good choice as it can influence them positively.


Green: Green is commonly considered as the color of nature. It provides calmness and relaxation and it´s considered as a healing color.

Purple: Purple represents luxury, ambition, creativity, and wealth. This is a very versatile color for almost any room or purpose. Purple may be the most opulent of colors and often connotes mystery or spirituality. Lighter shades like lavender are some of the daintier colors favored by many young girls. They can produce neutral appeal as they can be subtle and loud.  

Orange: Orange is a warm and welcoming color. They are bright, cheerful, and tend to improve appetite.  

Neutrals (black, brown and grey): The neutral color Grey tends to enhance creativity. Due to the creative element, it is widely used on the walls of studios and offices. It also represents class and elegance and is considered as an executive color. Greys on walls provide a flexible neutral background for furnishings and can be extremely stylish.

White: White represents purity, goodness, and cleanliness White can be elegant and open up space when used in moderation with strategic color-pop accents. This color is also great for walls in a smaller room that you want to make feel larger. But it might not be the best color for a kid’s room.

Black: Black is a color that draws out submissiveness. Black is also found to be timeless, classy, and sophisticated. But when it comes to interiors and as a color on the walls, Black might not be a great choice for the background as it darkens the interiors. Black used with a mix of white and bright and comfortable.

Brown: Brown is a color which represents security, credibility, and reassurance. It also tends to be soothing Browns wear well and are good for rooms that get a lot of use, like family rooms but not exactly a color for kids. However, Browns works well with spicy or warm colors often looks very modern, but may not be the best choice for a kid’s bedroom.

Use Feng Shui Design Styles to Give Your Home Positive Energy


An ancient Chinese design philosophy based on energy called Feng shui seeks to find balance and harmony between elements.

As the term suggests, “Feng,” meaning wind and “Shui,” meaning water, in this technique, a balance is sought between these two natural elements which are vital to the existence of the world. Often referred to as the art of placement, in the simplest of terms feng shui is about positioning different elements to optimize energy. Fused with modern design concepts, this technique promises physical and mental health, success, and healthy relationships, which is brought on through positive energy flow.

They are commonly practiced in interior design because the tools used in feng shui analysis can most easily be applied in the context of a home. This concept aims at maximizing natural light or mimicking it while matching the lighting of the earth’s rotation. Also, it asks to declutter your home to remove distractions and improve your productivity. It encourages the use of plants in living areas to improve air quality, relaxation, inspiration, and focus. Feng shui also focuses on improving the balance of natural elements for more interest and depth. This technique emphasizes on creating energy flow with no blocks with a clean area for a productive and happy room for everybody to rejoice.


Understanding the psychological effects of each color is important before choosing one for your child’s room. A sophisticated interior design, with Feng Shui style and radiant colors spreading positive energy, can influence the emotions and thoughts of your kid positively.

Let the warmth of the colors calm them, the brightness of the shades energize them and the patterns enrich their creativity!

Would you like to remodel the interior of your Kids bedroom with the touch of traditional interior designs?

Schedule a free consultation with our experienced apartment interior designing expert

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6 Tips to Design and maintain easy-to-clean bathroom

6 Tips to Design and maintain easy-to-clean bathroom

Bathrooms are a very important aspect of home design. But if not maintained properly, the bathroom experience can become really horrible for yourself and your guests. Hence keeping your bathrooms clean is inevitable. But in order to do that, while designing your house itself you need to make sure that the bathroom is built in an ‘’easy to clean’’ way.

To handle the cleanliness aspect of your bathroom interiors you should not have to spend a lot of time and it completely depends on the design aspect. Now there are bathroom designs available which are modern, easy to clean and which require comparatively low maintenance as interior design elements can be simple. These interior designs can be used for both renovations and new homes. Using such designs, interiors and bathroom elements can enable you to have a clean and fresh bathroom always. There are lots of tips and ideas out there, so, Let’s look at the 6 tips to keep in mind while designing and cleaning your bathroom.

Planning a Low Maintenance Easy To Clean Bathroom Design?

Use larger tiles to reduce grout used

Grout is a very hard part to clean in the interior of the house. And when it comes to bathrooms, it gets even harder. Even after using the strongest bathroom cleaners available in the market including acids and bleaches, the grout can remain dirty. And the longer it stays, the stickier it gets and it can even leave permanent stains in your bathroom. So instead of having to clean every now and then battling against grout, you can altogether avoid having them by using large tiles on the bathroom floor and in the shower.

When it comes to the cleaning aspect as well as the beauty of the bathroom, larger tiles have more benefits. Larger tiles will have less grout and will remain clean for longer. There will be lesser chances for stains or any such permanent damages. When you say larger tiles, the tiles with 300x600mm sizes can be used as wall tiles while the tiles with 300 x 300mm size can be regarded as large floor tiles. Tiles with a rectified edge, also known as a straight edge, can be installed much closer together than the traditional curved edge or cushion edge tiles. Rectified edge tiles present a major advantage over cushion edge tiles for long term cleaning.  

Use Wall Mounted Appliances

Wall mounted appliances can help your bathroom design in several ways. It makes your bathroom easier to clean. It also provides more space in your bathroom for other requirements. It prevents accumulation of dirt and dust around the floor fittings. Also, wall mounted appliances help the bathroom to have a more open area which in turn can make your bathroom look spacious. In order to do the same, you can use floating cabinets and vanities inside the washroom. They can also be used to avoid the visibility of other less beautiful objects in the bathroom.

In case of new designs, toilet pans may also be wall hung but it might not be possible for the old designs unless you completely renovate. A mirror cabinet, also known as a shaving cabinet that goes above the vanity can be partially recessed into the wall, ensuring there is less to clean and the bathroom feels larger. Hanging shaving cabinets can also be used to store things. But make sure that your hangings do not block the air circulations designed for the bathrooms.


Invest Proper Ventilation

Just like in every other room ventilation is an important aspect of the design, it is inevitable for bathrooms as well. It sounds simple but it is the most completely significant. Your ventilation needs to provide air circulation and lighting, but at the same time, it should also help to extract the additional moisture present in the washrooms. Your ventilation could be a combination of exhaust and a window in order to satisfy the air needs.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a little exhaust for a large bathroom, not a very good idea if you want to prevent moisture sitting on everything.

Select a linear drain

Choosing a linear drain can help your bathroom design in several ways. It allows the easy flow of water and other dirt or dust particles straight through the drainage without staying between bathroom functionalities or utilities. It prevents clogging and the formation of molds in the washroom.

Get everything off the floor and Have a place for everything


Haven’t you see this? especially in the western bathrooms, it can be seen that the floor space accommodates multiple utility objects such as cabinets, beauty stands, and other similar things. If you would like a pleasant washroom experience, it is just to keep everything off the floor and to assign spaces to keep all your things in order.

Consider Back-Painted Glass

You can also coat glass with nano-technology coatings to reduce grime, dirt and gunk build up dramatically. these products reduce dirt build-up, making cleaning easier, and will preserve the new look of your shower screen, the screen will even resist fogging. Some glass screens may be purchased pre-coated, or you can get a cheap DIY set pretty easily from your local bathroom store.

When it comes to keeping it easy clean, frameless shower screens, walk-in shower panels, and semi-frameless shower screens have less soap scum, grime, and gunk collecting bits to worry about.

The glass itself is much easier to clean with fewer chrome frames or brackets. The more glass you have, and the fewer chrome touchpoints, the easier it is going to be to wash down the shower screen. Avoid heavily framed screens, and run an exhaust that is capable of reducing moisture build up, this will reduce cleaning demands significantly.


Besides the above-mentioned tips, avoid the chances to have floor standing vanities with stained, water damaged edges where the cabinet meets the floor. Try also to prevent Toilets with plastic cisterns that discolor in a matter of days, becoming an unpleasant shade of yellow after so many years. Remember, It’s not fun spending time cleaning your bathroom, grout can get really moldy in the shower, the shower screen keeps collecting grime, and getting in behind the toilet to scrub is certainly not something we aspire to do. Whenever considering the look of your new bathroom, just remember that simplicity will both make choosing things easier as well as your cleaning easier!

Would you like to redesign the interior of your bathroom with the touch of modern interior designs?

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20 Feb

Biggest Design Mistakes People with Small Apartment Make

Living room interior

If you are a designer or a decorator of a house in a Kochi, then you have to take care of a lot of things, for example, the decor of the floor, the paintings or wall-hangings to be put up, the basic ambiance of the room to be maintained and much more. Therefore, it is a heavy duty of the interior designers and decorators to plan and implement proper designing for small and big apartments. If your apartment is big, then designing the interiors, ceilings, is not a big problem. The problem starts cropping for a small apartment. This is because too fewer appliances will not make it look like a family apartment. Too much furniture will make it look messy and will create a negative impression of the homeowners. Therefore, a lot of research needs to be done before designing small apartments by the leading designers of Kochi. Even if you are a homemaker in Kochi, you need to take care of these facts before designing your own house. Here are five facts that you can keep in mind while designing your own house or someone else’s.


Before starting the actual work, you should plan the design carefully. You should make a rough draft of how the ceiling will look like, how will be the floor plans of each room, what will be the colors or wallpapers of each of the walls. It is not that the professional designers don’t plan, but sometimes the first layout isn’t enough. There should be rigorous planning before actually doing the work. Sometimes, people don’t plan enough about the designing of their own house. They only think of how much money they can spend maximum after designing. But the truth is, once you spend at least a week on planning and research with the help of the internet, the next steps will become more lucid and easier to handle. The initial rough drafts need to be revisited more and more so that it can be a perfect layout.


After the planning portion ends, the execution part starts. Generally, designing a room first starts from the coloring of the walls or sticking wallpapers. Since the apartments are small, coloring properly is essential. The apartment is small, too loud colors or too many textures may make the rooms look dark, gloomy or messy. Therefore, it is essential to hire professional wall painters who can help you plan the textures and colors. The designer should finalize the colors and textures after taking all the inputs from those professional painters.

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After coloring the walls, next comes the floor plans. This is trickier than coloring. The reason, the coloring needs to be done before doing the floor plans is that the flooring should complement the colors of the walls and ceilings. The floor tiles should be chosen in such a way that they not only match the mood of the room, but also the texture of the walls. The biggest mistake by the designers who are either just starting their career as a designer is that they do all the planning for the flooring before starting the coloring. Ultimately, this kind of execution leads to a mismatched room and messy design. So keep the floor work only after the coloring finishes.


There are two things that can go wrong for the furniture and those are the shape and number. The furniture should be put in such a way that the rooms doesn’t look messy or empty either. The rooms of a small apartment will be small. Along with that, some places like the bathrooms will not contain very extensive furniture. People generally buy too much furniture when they move into new accommodation. This thing should be avoided. One should buy only those furniture that are the needs of the denizens of the house. The shapes of those furnitures should match the borders of the floors. Too many small furniture makes the room look messy. Too many large furnitures deter free movement of the denizens. Too less furniture and that too off odd shapes make the room look dull. So plan and keep furniture that you definitely need and whose borderlines go positively with the room.

Modern vs Traditional 

The designers generally try to incorporate more modern furniture in a small apartment and leave out traditional ones. Whereas, the treatment should be keeping a 60:40 ratio of modern and traditional furniture respectively.

To conclude, if you need to design a small apartment avoid the mistakes mentioned above, and try the solutions stated here.

You will definitely design a wonderfully modern house with a traditional feel.

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11 Feb

How to Incorporate Your Old Furniture into New Living Space

How to Incorporate Your Old Furniture into New Living Space

When you are moving into new accommodation or you are renovating the rooms of your old house, one of the biggest challenges is to accommodate the old furniture in the new space. Sometimes the renovations are done in such a way, that at some point one realizes maybe he or she has to throw away all the old furniture. However, this is not a wise solution. Rather there should be some way out so that you can incorporate the old furniture into your accommodation or your renovated living space. The following are the ways of doing this:

Coloring Methods

  • You can try textures on the walls of the living space if you want to keep your old furniture there. It has been seen that textures go really well with old furniture. One can apply rusty or green leafy texture in the background and keep a sofa in front of the wall. You can also think of keeping old easy chairs in front of a complementary texture. The texture in the background along with the old furniture will give a modern classy look.
  • If you have a vintage sofa or a coffee table, then you can also try keeping vintage characters painted on the wall behind. The look of the room should be as if the vintage characters are about to come out live off the walls and take a seat near the coffee table.

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7 Design Tips to Convert a Compact Space into Cute and Cosy Living Room

Keeping Antiques

  • You can keep a lot of antique showpieces in the living room. The number of antique pieces should be according to the size of the room. If the room is small, then one or two big antique showpieces should be on the side table of the old furniture. If the room is big, then you can keep at least 10 antique showpieces on a bookcase or a showcase.
  • Say, the vintage furniture is itself an old bookcase, then you can keep a few classic books in the bookcase. Along with them, you should keep modern books, some related to academics, one or two may be related to social studies and few written by world-famous politicians. This way, your guests will be impressed by your collection and will know that you are a person of good taste. If your furniture is a vintage showcase, then you have more options. You can use one shelf to keep books, one for antique showpieces, one for keeping your mobiles, and other electronic gadgets.

Remodel the furniture

  • I am sure many of us are having furniture that has been gifted to us by our great grandmothers and we are keeping those types of furniture as a part of our legacy. However, there are very little uses of those furniture in today’s world. For an example, I was gifted a TV rack cum showcase by my elders. The look of the furniture didn’t go with my living space. Therefore, I had to alter the look of the furniture. I took the help of professional carpenters and changed it to a modern-day wardrobe. Now, this wardrobe has a modern use, yet a
    traditional outlook.
  • Another way is to change the purpose of the furniture. This can be also be done without remodeling the furniture. For example, a traditional side table can be used as a shoe rack, by just placing a wooden plank or anything similar underneath the table. The living spaces should definitely contain a shoe rack that is good looking and also takes less space.
  • You can also club two or more compatible furniture to make useful furniture. This cannot be done without the help of professional carpenters. They will take off those parts of both furniture which will not be required any further, or those parts that have decayed over time. Then they can join the remaining portions to make them look like an extended cupboard or bed, etc.

Therefore, one can change the old furniture and incorporate them into their modern living space by applying the aforementioned tips and tricks. It will also require some professional help. In order to get that, you must hire a professional carpenter. You can also hire a professional interior designer to do that. The interior designers of Kochi are highly trained in changing the outlook of modern day living spaces or bedrooms using old and vintage furniture. So, if you have vintage furniture and you are renovating your house, don’t think of throwing your furniture as they have lots of good memories associated with them and instead try the above.

22 Jan

Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Modify Your Tiny Space

Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Modify Your Tiny Space

Everybody just cannot afford to have a grand and luxurious bathroom that has separated bathing area, wash basin area and commode. Especially, if you are living in a city with cramped apartment-style housing, it is very difficult to find anything with big bathrooms. The small bathrooms require a very different organizing approach and to help you out with your woes, we have compiled a list of some of the best Small Bathroom Ideas. The list has all the tips for making your small bathroom appear not so small and accommodating for every essential thing in a highly organized and artistic manner.

So, just read on and give a lovely makeover to your bathroom with these Small bathroom ideas.

1. Wallpaper Decoration:

There are various options to choose from the wallpapers for the bathrooms that can be used on just one wall which is witnessed while entering it. Choose the wallpapers that are specially meant for installation in bathrooms and can cope with the warm and moist conditions. Further, use a large patterned wallpaper with not many intricacies to create an impression of depth and width.

2.Install Free standing furniture:

With a small bathroom, it is best to use furniture that is easy to move around and manoeuvre. Stools for placing towels, bathing essentials, hangers of longitudinal shapes that can be mounted in a corner or along a wall and don’t require much space and movable storage caddies or baskets that can be moved at any time; are some of the best Small Bathroom Ideas that are inexpensive as well.

3.Tiles of Same Colour on walls and Floor:

Install the same tiles on the walls as well as the floor of the bathroom. This will make the lines of distinction unnoticeable and give an impression of length. Using glossy tiles with self-patterns and light colours are your best picks.

 4.Tall Storage Units with tiers:

Another one of the intelligent yet simple Small Bathroom Ideas is to install a storage unit which is tall, has tiers and can be moved easily across the bathroom. A perfect example will be an open rack which has 3 to 4 tiers with hangers and thus can be used to place all the bathroom necessities of odd sizes and shapes.

 5.Furnishings that can be hung:

It is one of the best Small Bathroom Ideas to use the furnishings and bathroom units that can be hung on the walls instead of placing on the floor. Mirrors can be hung instead of being fitted with cabinets; instead of having a long shelf under the wash basin, use a corner in triangular, round or rectangular fashion with small storage underneath. Install towel hangers on the storage wall and you are good to go.

 6.Oddly shaped bathrooms:

If you are blessed with a bathroom (smirks) that are housed under the stairs or attic and have an odd shape, then make creative use of the available space. Make the oddly shaped area your bathing portion, and adjacent to it install storage and washbasin unit. Keep the essentials in the single unit with tiered storage and brighten up the whole thing with light coloured walls and floors. If you wish to add some contrast, install a wallpaper of large colourful patterns.

7.Size and Scale Coordination:

Choosing the furnishings and storage units in size and scale coordinated with those of the bathroom is one of the best Small Bathroom Ideas you can ever get inspired from. For a small rectangular shaped bathroom, you can opt for a long rectangular shaped storage unit with tiered storage. Use a long rectangular shaped bin; skip the storage under the washbasin and have hangers below it to organize things; don’t over-accumulate things on the dresser and house the bathing essentials in an open wired basket that is airy and doesn’t let the mould grow.

 8. Mono Chrome Palette is your space saver:

Use a monochrome palette to decorate your small bathroom. When everything is of the same colour, you are not able to discern the boundaries of walls and floors and pretty much everything which is a blessing for sure. Keep the hangers and storage units metal coloured or in coordination with the overall colour theme of the bathroom. 

 9.Recessed Wall Shelves:

Another one of the most intelligent Small Bathroom Ideas is a hack for smarty pants. You can create a recessed wall shelf by just building a shelf into the false wall. You can understand it with the example where some bricks are left out while making a wall to give a wall shelf kind of storage option. 

10.Creative False Partitions:

You can play cunning and install a false partition with storage or without storage to divide your bathroom into irregular portions. Keep the larger portion for bathing and the other one for the commode and wash basins. Hang the essentials according to the requirements of a particular area.

Well, this completes our list of the best Small Bathroom Ideas to make the optimal space use. We hope that some really ignited your minds and gave you the inspiration to re-design your bathrooms.

12 Jan

7 Design Tips to Convert a Compact Space into Cute and Cosy Living Room

7 Design Tips to Convert a Compact Space into Cute and Cosy Living Room

If you have a small living room which is so difficult to decorate and create an impression of a cute and compact space; then worry not and scroll down to find some of the best designs for Small Living Room Ideas. The modern day establishments don’t allow people the luxury of grand and open spaces that can be decorated and organized in any manner they want. This is why, we have compiled a marvellous collection of Small Living Room Ideas that are trendy; affordable; vibrant and have the best elements of both – the modern as well as traditional design and décor elements.

Let’s read the Small Living Room Ideas and get, set go with the décor project!!

1 – Colour Scheme to the Rescue:

It is a well-known fact that the colouring scheme can transform any space and generate impressions of varying intensities and depths. If you have a small living room, then using soft neutral shades such as light pastels, neutral shades such as whites, ivory, off-white, crème and very light shades of grey and candies are the ones that will give your space an amazing and inviting look. Further, the light colours generate the impression of airiness and spaciousness.

2 – Mono Coloured Arrangements:

Another one of the easy and affordable, yet elegant Small Living Room Ideas is to keep a single colour theme for the whole space. Keeping the floors, walls and ceilings in mono colours will brighten up your otherwise cramped living room. An ideal example will be to place a wall to wall white rug or carpet in a living room with white wall and white ceiling. Install some wide matted art on the walls, pictures or sketches in white frames and another such wall décor to make an eye-catching living room which is cosy and compact. Add some accents such as small indoor vases and baby pots with lovely plants and couches with cute cushion covers and you are more than good to go!

3 – Using Stools for seating and serving:

Using adequate sized stools with the same height as that of the couch as the serving and seating options (apart from the couch) is one of the best Small Living Room Ideas you might ever come across. Using stools will not only make your living room spacious but also offers the ease of manoeuvring. You can use the stools with storage as well to have a double advantage.

If you wish to have a cute and cosy setting, then keep the furnishings and furniture in colour coordination.

4- Window Dressings


Windows should have minimum window dressings. Instead of opting for the ultra-heavy and thick curtains or double curtains, you can opt for simple, light coloured and the light-weight curtains to maximize the inflow of the natural light and fresh air in the room. Co-ordinating the colours of the curtains with furniture, walls and overall ambience of the living room is one of the best Small Living Room Ideas you can opt for.

5 – Multi-functional, ergonomic and Collapsible Furniture:

The Multi-functional, ergonomic and Collapsible Furniture is there because of a reason. They minimize the needs of having different pieces of furniture and accomplish many aims with just one piece. As far as the modern day décor and interior design is concerned, installing multi-functional and collapsible furniture is one of the most popular Small Living Room Ideas that is making lives easier and better for people all over the world. Coffee Tables with storage; sofas that turn into beds; tables that expand in the number of seating capacity; stools and chairs collapsible into a single unit and lots of other such options are there.

6 – Create different focal points:

If you have an ultra-small living room with a scenario where the door directly opens into it, then it becomes really a difficult task to arrange and decorate it. Use some simple and light-weight furniture with a focal point at right angles with the door entrance. This will give an impression of false width and make your living space seem larger. For example, placing a decent couch alongside the entrance and placing another seating option in front of it. Now, instead of putting a centre coffee table, use a simple and minimalistic side table in a rectangular shape that has comparatively lesser width. This will create an impression of length as well.

7 – Vertical Decorations that are colour coordinated:

One of the most amazing Small Living Room Ideas is to install vertical decorations that are colour coordinated with the furnishings and overall ambience of the space. For example, instead of wrapping the complete wall in wallpapers, use columns of the wallpapers that come in geometric patterns of elongated shapes or longitudinal patterns. Then again, create symmetry and regularity by installing curtains, rugs and furnishings of same colour palette all the while keeping the elongated pattern in mind.

Well, this completes the list of the best Small Living Room Ideas to call for a compact and cute setting.

Some other décor elements will be to:

    • Install dark wooden furnishings in contrast with ultra-white painted rooms.
    • Making the best use of awkwardly shaped living rooms
    • Using textural decoration
    • Intelligent Lighting
    • Creative and Small Coffee Tables
    • Ottomans paired with couches
  • Contrasting geometric patterns etc

So, you have all the living room design Ideas for Small Living Rooms. When are you getting started??